Friday, September 23, 2011

You say you want a resolution?

So after emailing various yarn shops and coming to the conclusion that Misti Cotton solid colors have been discontinued and that nobody on Earth has any white skeins for sale or trade, I decided I would have to search for a reasonable substitute.
The shrug I was working on with the mistakenly bought yellow cotton calls for Cascade Pima Silk, and so I thought maybe that would be adequate.
We headed to Sacramento to go look for the yarn. (Actually, we went because we're still apartment hunting.)
They didn't carry the yarn, and I'm not going to risk another online order. I'm afraid it will feel like dishcloth cotton, just like every substitute the lady at Rumpelstilskin offered up. She was very helpful and friendly, as always, but there just wasn't anything that felt the same as the Misti Cotton.
So I ended up doing something I might regret....
This yarn was tucked away in the back, in the sale bin. It is NOT a cotton yarn, but the feel is so very similar that I decided to risk it. It is a 50% merino 50% silk blend and I have NO idea if it will work out. But if it doesn't, I still really like the way this yarn feels and I'm sure it will become something lovely.

Oh, and what is that in the background? Is that my finished Something Lacy Shrug?
No, it isn't done yet. I'm blocking it to size right now. Hopefully it will be dry tomorrow morning because I've been enjoying working on it and can't wait to see how it looks with the ribbing.
Right now it's just a rectangle, and it's difficult to believe that it will ever become anything wearable.

In other Nearly Finished Object news, I have completed the second of my Some Cloudy Day Legwarmers. The only problem is that the first one is shorter by 3 repeats. I thought that would be long enough, but when I tried it on I knew I was going to have to make them longer. So now that the second one is done I have to do some surgery on the first one to lengthen it. I can't wait to have those needles free!!

I've been using my short DPN's to knit hexipuffs and I thought they would come out too small. Turns out they're coming out bigger with the short DPN's. So I really can't wait to get my #4's back from those legwarmers.
Oh, speaking of hexipuffs, look what else I found at Rumpelstilskin.
This cute basket was $1.99!
So now my hexipuffs have a lovely display basket, which is much better than the old bag they were hanging out in.

No finished objects this Friday, but a couple things are getting close... And tomorrow morning I am going to a Natural Dyeing class!! I'm so excited and I hope I get lots and lots of pics. :D

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