Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday Post

Remember this?
I am NOT a pansy! If I can crochet, I can knit intarsia, darn it!!!
So today I put on my thinking cap, sat down with a cup of tea and this video and balled up my yarn into 5 different balls for each color section. (5 balls?!)
And here is the result. I went with the back first, because the front has a skull and it looked more intimidating. In the pattern, you're supposed to embroider "Knit or Die" in the square, but I think I might just put BAMF.

You may notice that it is very very large. I'm kind of concerned about that myself. It's kind of gigantic.

I'm not sure if the final garment will fit me at all properly, but I'm going to have to press on and find out.

This is probably the most productive WIP Wednesday I've had in a while!

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