Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I babysat 5 kids under 5. Whooo, was that tiring.

Quotes from a 3-year-old.
"I have a spiderman thing. And soap. And it smells, like, fluffy. And farts."
"I was walkin' walkin' walkin' and I tripped tripped tripped."

Needless to say I got very little knitting done during the day.
I managed to complete the second half of my first mitt.

Then when I got home I plugged in a few rows on the stuffed pony that's going to be an xmas present for Vyvyan.
I'm nearly done with the body. Which should be exciting, but I remember the back legs to be the most painful knitting experience ever the last time I made this horse. And it's not like I made a better yarn choice this time round. (Red Heart Super Saver)

I'll post a picture tomorrow, since I'll have the whole body done by then.
I want to try and finish it by the end of this month.
hello, bed. you're looking mighty comfy today.

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