Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Post

This is just a post of randomness because I uploaded all the pictures off my camera and remembered all the things I was going to mention that don't really have a place in other posts.

Remember my stash fairy?
I was at the Safeway by my house, hunting for diapers and eyeliner, when I ran into her cousin.
Isn't she pretty? I almost bought her to reunite them, but she was an outrageous $34.99! On one hand that is too pricey, but on the other it almost guarantees that she will get a happy home with someone who will love her. I just hope it's a home with lots and lots of stash.

I also recently went to Michaels and accrued a few items.

1) Bernat Pattern Book
 I had never seen this pattern book before, and it had a few cute designs that I would probably knit. There are 7 designs total. All the designs use Bernat Softee Chunky, a yarn which I almost always see on sale. I have used Softee Chunky to knit 2 sweaters in the past, and though it was a terrible choice for the sweater I chose (I knitted the same sweater twice. Long story, I'll tell it one day.) it was very soft and it had a nice feel, especially for an acrylic.
There are some must-have legwarmers in there, and a super huge cozy-looking snood. The sweaters might be a little too much for me at this time- I apparently am addicted to small items these days- but they look fun to knit and easy to wear. I'll admit it: I really want the whole outfit on the cover. The back cover, too, actually. As I look through it, in fact, I find myself saying "yumyumyumyumyumyum!" Apparently this was a good purchase.

2) Kroy Sock Yarn
When I knitted Will his stripey socks, I bought 3 balls of yarn. I did that because I wasn't sure how much yarn it takes to make size 11 socks. It turned out I didn't have to break into that third ball, and in fact I had a bit left over from each of the first two. Obviously, that meant I had to buy another one so I could make myself some stripey socks, too.

I love LOVE this color. It's called "Ragg Stripes" and reminds me of old-school Converse. That's why I bought it for Will. He's been wearing the same old canvas Converse since Converse were still made in the USA. They are ratty and filthy and disgusting, but I don't think he'll ever get rid of them.
Turns out, the color IS perfect for him. He totally loved them.
And dammit, it's perfect for me too! So I'm going to knit myself a cozy pair and, with all the leftovers, knit a baby pair for Vyvyan and we can take a family foot portrait!

3) Red Heart Shimmer
I have sworn, time and time again, No More Red Heart. I have an entire trash bag full of Red Heart Super Saver that's been sitting in my mom's bedroom for I don't even know how long. I've tried to donate it, but my mom won't let me because well...she likes to keep stuff. I guess that's good since it will last forever on account of it's made of plastic. And if I'm ever too poor to afford any yarn whatsoever, and if I ever actually knit through all my stash, it will always be there in case I am desperate. But this yarn is different.
It is soft, it is purple, it is sparkly.

I'll do a full-on review when I'm done with my fairy lights hat, but for now I'm just showing it to you and admitting that I paid money for Red Heart.

There are actually quite a few Red Heart yarns I've been wanting to try these days. Boutique Midnight is also sparkly. Boutique Doodle is interesting, if only because I want to know what it's like to knit with squishy rope. And featured in the most recent Knitting Today magazine as rogue beret was Boutique Eclipse. I've also secretly wanted to try Red Heart Soft. However, nearly all of these yarns are pretty expensive, and at this point I'd just rather spend my money on wool. Plus I like spending my money at LYS's rather than big chain stores. (Sometimes I can't help it though.) Also, I may be a bit of a yarn snob.

And now for a cute baby picture. Erm, rather a picture of a cute baby.

Meet Layla
We got to babysit for my nephew yesterday. It was his birthday so he and his girlfriend went out to a movie and we got to play peek-a-boo with Layla. Sorry she's not swathed in hand-knits and therefore doesn't belong in my blog but omg isn't she cute!?? She's four months and already rolling over. She's very active and alert and here eyes are teeming with intelligence. Even when she's spitting up :) Also, she's TINY! She was 6 pounds 4 oz when she was born. (Compared to Vyvyan at 9 pounds 11 oz she's a shrimp) And now at four months she's still fitting in tiny clothes. I think her size deems her worthy of a sweater. ;)

I'm thinking this one. Baby Sophisticate has been cropping up everywhere I look. It was featured in Never Not Knitting's podcast and that was the last straw. I must make this sweater. The only problem is that I have so many babies to knit for that I can't decide who to make it for!
Look at this crazy baby list!
1) Neice's baby- already 6 months, wears 9 months outfits so probably no.
2) Nephew's baby- 4 months and teeny and hasn't gotten a single hand-knit yet!
3) OTHER Neice's baby- who is smaller and is probably a better candidate. but i've already made her a wee bonnet.
4) Brother's new baby (not yet born means probably the BEST candidate since I have lotsa time)
5) Friend's baby (also not born yet, but he already got a squishy cotton blanket so he may be knit-spoiled)
And that's just the little ones! One day I'd like to get a picture of all of them together.

It doesn't matter. I don't have any washable aran weight anyways. I just like to plan.

In other news, my bunny slippers have hopped away.
Seriously. I can't find them. They are on the lam.
I suspect Vyvyan found them and squirreled them away to some hidey hole. He is a big fan of bunnies. On one hand I'm sad because now I can't have warm feet, but on the other hand I hope they stay away until I have the courage to finish them!

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  1. ah, i was just in michael's today. and a.c. moore. (let's not discuss how I was and wasn't successful just yet, its just more ridiculousness to fuel my sweater saga story, which i'll hopefully be talking about in my next podcast.)
    ANYWAY, I'm so frustrated!
    I know what you mean about red heart, no matter what, I can never ever bring myself to buy any red heart yarn. The fact that I use shitty yarn a lot of the time is enough, but to work with red heart just feels downright shameful, lol.


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