Wednesday, February 23, 2022


 It is February!

I told myself I would start a knitting podcast, filmed two "episodes" and then realized it takes far more skill than I have. Better off blogging I guess. I just wish I could talk to people in real life who care about my knitting hahahahah


A sweater!

Ugh yes it is for a baby and it is so delightful I can't stand it. The pattern is here and the yarn is Madelinetosh and the baby is not here yet but she will be so snug as a bug in a rug.

Another FO is this little sweater I knitted up

I was actually planning on making a top down raglan for my friend Heather. And I started it and it was good. It was nice. It was growing bigger and bigger and...

Too big.

So then it sat on the needles, because I took offense to it. I considered finishing it up and giving it to my Dad instead. But instead I did not knit. I just did. not. knit.

Finally I frogged the darn thing, and Penelope happened to be right next to me when I did so. She said, "make ME a sweater!" and .... Christmas was already over...I had ended up buying way more of this yarn because of the too big issue... So I did. I made Penelope a sweater.

But oh it needs buttons do I have buttons??


Now I am happily awaiting Stitches West, and today I am casting on a brand new project.

Happy Knitting!