Monday, September 8, 2014

Just a quick update

There are some things my 10+ years of knitting has taught me about sweater knitting.
1) Dark yarn makes for a boring project
2) Plain stitches makes for a boring project
3) Negative ease means less knitting
4) The smaller the sweater, the faster your WIP turns into an FO (baby sweaters anyone?)
5) Thicker yarn = faster FO

So my 46" sweater on a size 4 needle with dark sport weight yarn, all in stockinette stitch....
Is going rather slowly.

Since my last update on August 14th, the sweater has only grown by about 8 inches.
Still, it is getting close to the body being "DONE," and there is nothing like the promise of sleeves to keep me going. Oh, sleeves, the fun of shaping, and the quickness with which they progress.

Then after the sleeves I have the saddle shoulders to look forward to. Something new, that I've never done before. New challenges!

And then after that I can rid my knitting life of this boring, dark, huge sweater and cast on something new. Something with thick yarn. Something small. Something exciting. Something bright.