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Hi! My name is Cecilia. Welcome to Don't Drool on the Wool. I started this blog in November of 2010, on a lark, and have come to love sharing my knitting and crochet adventures with all of you! Thank you for visiting.

What's with the blog name?

When this blog was a baby, so too was my son. I had originally planned for the blog to be a sort of new mommyhood slash knitting blog. I was talking to family, debating whether I'd have time for a blog and what I would even call it and it was my brother who actually coined the phrase "Don't Drool on the Wool," claiming it was catchy. It stuck, although the blog's content rarely strays into baby territory- perhaps because it is my safe haven where I don't have to wipe anybody's butt.

How do you pronounce your screen-name?My screen-name has been "grandmastatus" since I first learned to knit at age 14. The joke then was that, a lone knitter in a small high school, I was shunned as a granny. (Grandma-status) Unfortunately I'm really fond of the name, and now I have a son. How long before I really AM grandma-status I don't know, but I hope I'm still knitting then too!

What do you LOOK like? 0_o
I look like this.
As a person who knits her own clothes, I firmly believe that taking the above picture, marking down all the measurements as numbers and using that information strictly as DATA has done a world of good for my knitting. I've linked to it a hundred times, but read this: Amy Herzog's Fit to Flatter
I think if all of us knitters were a little bit less self-conscious about our bodies we could be helping each other a whole lot.
Have you ever been floating around on Ravelry and then found a beautiful sweater project? And you thought- Woah I have just that same amount of yarn in my stash. It's discontinued, impossible to get more of, and that sweater is flippin' perfect! And oh my gosh, that girl looks like she could be my size! And then you click on the link and then what do you know? She didn't post her size. Instead she put, "I'm not telling." or, the ever infuriating, "Medium."

Rant over.
Here's my face part:
Suckin' down yarn fumes ;)

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