Monday, September 12, 2011

Yarn Review- Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool

Making this video took ALL DAY!!! Usually I just pop it out while the kid is napping, but today it went like this.
Me: It's time for a nap, now, sweetie.
Vyvyan: Oh, didn't you hear? I'm 15 months now, and I don't nap anymore.
Me: Yes, you do. You're falling asleep in your cheerios.
Vyvyan: No, I'm nzzzzz
Me: Yes, you are. Let's go lay down and read a story.
Vyvyan: I'M NOT TIRED!!!!! 
Then there was lots of screaming. When he's tired he gets really cranky? And usually he falls asleep. But not today. It was so much fun. Sigh.

But somehow, throughout the day I did manage to get this video done. I had done all the preparations yesterday, so today it was just recording and editing. What? I actually EDITED a video?? I had to; it was full of interruptions.

Oh, and that blank spot in the middle? just pretend it didn't happen. i keep trying to redo the video so it turns out but it's not working for me. sorry :(

So without further ado, my Fishermen's Wool Review:::

ps sorry it is so long.

So here's that one knot I found.
Thankfully, I saved the picture as "Knot in Seed Stitch" so I didn't have to dig around forever. Oh, and in the blocked swatch you can barely even see it, so it's a good thing I saved this old picture.

And in case you're wondering what exactly I do when I reach those ugly bits? Spit-Splice, baby!

And that's it! Thanks again, Abby, for the idea for this post ;) (She's working on her first sweater right now, you guys, go and look!)


  1. yay for doing the review (sorry it took so long!) and thank you for the shout-out!
    i've been interested in dying yarn, but i'm scared that i'll ruin my pots or that the yarn will run all over. we'll see, maybe one day! that blue color is really pretty.

    ps-i'm glad you pronounced your username, because i swear i've been pronouncing it in my head as 'grand-masta (like master) status'
    (I'm obviously an idiot. i also didn't know that aran was pronounced like that.)

  2. Extremely helpful and informative review. Thanks. :)

    I have four skeins of this in natural and I need to find a project for it. I have used it before and I like it.


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