Monday, September 18, 2017

Gift Knitting

I can't be the only one who casts on for Christmas gifts in Januray. This year, I have a good little pile going. Unfortunately, I also tend to give away my gifts early and just gifted a shawl I made for Christmas for a birthday instead. And now I have one less present.
I've finished a few things, mostly socks but also a sweater, since I last wrote on here.
California is still pretty warm, and the thought of trying on the sweater just for a photo for the blog makes me wrinkle my nose.
So there was a series of events that led to me finding this mostly done sweater in my garage. Apparently, when I move, I'm not the most organized person. Although I keep a pretty stern rule regarding Stitches West and yarn buying (Do Not Purchase More Yarn At Stitches Unless the Yarn You Bought Last Year Has Been Knitted) I decided this February to forego the rule because this sweater, which contained the last of last year's yarn, was missing in action.
I was so happy when, cleaning out the garage in preparation for yet ANOTHER move, I found this sweater. I started working on it right away, setting aside my aran cardigan which is also nearly done.

Poor photo but the sweater is done! It's light and cozy, and it begs to be worn over leggings.