Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I finished my Orchids and Fairy Lights hat!
You can't really see the shimmery sparkly at all, which is kind of a bummer. But maybe you need to go outside to get the full sparkle effect. Which I'm not going to do because 1) It's hot out there and 2) this hat is not for me and I feel bad enough just modeling it the once.

So, finishing this hat means you can expect a new yarn review, soon. :D

This hat isn't the only thing I finished today. I finished my __________ for my swapee. Unfortunately she may be stalking my blog so I cannot show you a picture or tell you what it is. But no one says I can't show a tiny sneak preview!

I hope that's not too telling... but I'm pretty sure she's not stalking my blog anyways, and once I ship out the parcel (probably this Friday) I can post all the goodies I've been working on, finally. (It's so hard to keep things a secret!!)

And, of course, what is a day of finishing without some starting?
My brother found out that he's having a GIRL!!! (Another girl...he has 2 already and wants a boy so badly, poor thing.)

So of course I cast on right away. I'm delighted it's a girl because
1) She can share a room with Zoe
2) She can have hand-me-downs and it will be less expensive
3) Girls are cute
4) I have a ton of pink/purple yarn in the stash that I've been hoping I could use for this very purpose

So, first off I'm making a baby blanket with some Bernat Baby Boucle. It's an acrylic, but I'm a mother and I know washable = good. I have about a billion balls of this stuff, passed down in that huge stash enrichment, and I'm hoping I cast on enough to make a sizeable blanket.
Believe me, after that Fairy Lights hat and the ______ (which had lots of sewing involved) I am so pleased to be working with chunky yarn on size 11 needles in plain stockinette stitch. Whew.
Now excuse me.
I have hot chocolate and a couch waiting.
Hee hee, my chocolate looks really gross. It's Abuelita's. And yes, I put 4 marshmallows in it. There were 5, but I ate one before I took the picture. ;)
Oh, and today? Vyvyan napped like a puppy. :)

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