Thursday, October 28, 2021

Habitat Cardigan - Work in Progress


The Habitat cardigan has always tempted me with it's oversized plush coziness and it's extra tush covering. Now that we are more settled into the new house I have had an opportunity to get working on it!


The stitch pattern is super easy, and the yarn I'm using (Cloudborn Fibers Bulky Wool Naturals) knits up like a dream. It's so cushy and cozy. I only worry that I might run out of yarn, as I only have 10 balls... and I may be crocheting at a much looser gauge than the pattern calls for. Like, I think I  have an excess of about 7" along the whole rectangle. Which means I may or may not end up actually ripping all this beautiful work out.


Which I don't want to do because it's awfully big already.

But yes, I just wanted to share that I'm making some progress and I'm loving it! Hope you are getting cozy with some crafty projects too, now that Fall is officially here!