Friday, August 11, 2023

Just a Couple Things....

 Whew boy am I getting used to the farm life!

We got 2 pigs! I named them Francis and Kevin (both are female).

We have 6 chickens! My daughter named them but I can't tell them apart.

I've been busy mostly working, but I miss sharing on the blog. I will be getting a new Sentro knitting machine soon  and probably will be doing a YouTube review/video for fun once I test it out.

Some projects I've been working on:

Frog hat! Frog Tea Cosy!

Something pink for summer that I will likely never wear off my property.

Fun lil hat I made as a diversion.

And the biggest project I am working on currently. So many squares! It looks like it is going to be a blanket, doesn't it?

It's actually a cardigan! YES! I am feeling the autumn vibes already. Love it!
Happy Knitting!