Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cooler weather brings wool back into my life...

My life is all about string.
Guitar strings in the summer.
Yarn strings in the winter.
Heart strings!!

My co-worker commissioned a pair of fingerless gloves for his Halloween costume: he went as Bofur the dwarf from the recent Hobbit movie. I used stash yarn: a spare ball of Paton's Classic Wool, and size 5 needles. I used 7's at first, because my gauge swatch LIED.... those came out huge, especially after blocking. The pattern I used can be found here

In return he made a lovely dream catcher for me, with a real coyote tooth, an arrowhead and white horse hair from one of his neighbor's horses.

My son really got a kick out of the dream catcher, and I had to put it up HIGH so he'd quit pulling the horse tail!!
What else have I been working on?
A plain garter stitch scarf for my boyfriend's daughter. It's striped and reminds me of a neopolotin ice cream, even though it's like blue and brown. Also a hat for her, but it came out less slouchy than I'd planned so I'm going to work from the top down now and do some short rows... I have no idea how that one's going to work out.
My mom has a sweater in my closet that I'm hoping I can find my pattern notes for soon, since it's supposed to be her Christmas present.

Oh and I've been trying to draw, but I'm learning just how much I don't know about it!! I did this one of my best friend and I.

She's all "OMG I want to keep it forever! I'll call it babyface and retard!" I'm all, THANKS DUDE! LOVE YOU TOO!!! But I Will give it to her, and she will totally frame it bahahahaha

So ...
My life goes on!