Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Night Vlog Time

So, I guess that last blog entry encouraged me to get working on that accursed sweater.
I joined the arms and body and worked a few rounds before deciding to try it on.
What happened next? Well, I did a video because I had to actually speak. Typing wasn't working for me.
It's really quiet because Vyyan is asleep on the bed and I didn't want to wake him. Sorry.
You know it's getting bad when I'm reduced to late night vlog rants....

Sorry about how it cuts off at the end there, too.
I don't know what I did there, but I'm sure you're used to unprofessional videos from me ;)

Here's the picture I promised.
why does it look like i don't have pants!?? arghghgh

And yes. I'm still working on it.
And no. I don't know why.
And maybe. Maybe I am a masochist.


  1. "i contemplated buying a new needle set, but i didnt...because i'm a good person". Omg i love that line, ahahahaha. its so true about people not documenting their failures-its like, i see all these people on ravelry with such beautiful project pages-beautiful projects, beautiful expert pictures, and it's are you perfect every time???? so not realistic.

  2. Fwiw... I think it looks awesome as a sweater-dress. ;)


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