Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Sophisticate

A lot went wrong with this sweater. I'm lucky it was baby-sized or I may have set fire to it.
1) I dyed the yarn and there were a ton of white spots so I had to overdye it.

2) I cast on for this sweater and it did not work out.
3) I had perfect gauge for Baby Sophisticate, yet when I cast on for Baby Sophisticate my gauge changed and the sweater would now be much too big. (I kept going because I'd heard the sweater "runs small.")
hee hee. Vyvyan's art is in the background :D

4) The sweater looks too big.

5) Somehow there was one stitch missing on one of the sleeves, and one extra in the body. I knitted two together in the middle of the back and you can Totally Tell.
 6) Started the sleeves and realized my guage is completely different in the round and had to go up a needle size. Frogged sleeve.
7) Still too small, had to go up again. Frogged sleeve.
8) Finished sleeve, but realized that it was way too wide for a baby. (It fit my wrist comfortably.) I realized this was because my gauge was off and I didn't think to do the math and figure out how to make the wrists the appropriate size.
9) Rather than do the math, I simply started over and did a decrease every two rows. This was made a very abrupt and unattractive sleeve so I frogged the sleeve again.
10) I only did two decreases over a series of 6 rows. It's still kind of ugly, but I don't care anymore.

In spite of all the bumps in the road, I finished this little sweater up last night.
Instead of the "sophisticated" collar, I crocheted a ruffly peter pan collar. Except for that ugly bit there at the bottom, (It took me a while to realize that when picking up stitches to crochet from garter stitch, you should only pick up the knit rows not the purl bumps By the time I found out it had long past) I think it looks pretty decent.
In my giant jar of buttons, I even found a really cute flower one that matches pretty nicely.
Meow, that's not so bad!
I just hope it fits.
Oh, and the first couple pictures show off the real color better. The last ones were taken as the sun was going down.

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