Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Design in the works

I was bathing Vyvyan when I got sudden inspiration. I don't know why, sometimes, I get these ideas in my head. But when I do they don't go away until I write them down, draw them out, and knit them up. The write/draw portion is done with, but I'm waiting on yarn acquisition for the knitty bit.
Originally I was thinking I would just do a regular drop-shoulder sweater with stripey sleeves. See, I have this shirt and it's real over-sized and I love it a lot, but it's not warm because it's really thin. So I thought I could knit one up and that would be much warmer. Only minus the skull in front because I'm totally not going to knit another intarsia skull sweater or it will be stuck in my closet for years.

I settled on the drop-shoulder idea until the bath was over and I was carrying Vyvyan to the bedroom to get dressed. Suddenly, I remembered this sweater I found on Ravelry once.  This way I could incorporate the skull idea AND knit it in the round. Oh, and here's another really cool design. But mine is going to be closer to the first.

At first I thought I'd use some stashed Red Heart, just to work out the design, but then I remembered I have some lovely cotton/silk in the stash.
I only have black, though, so I thought I'd order a bit of white for the sleeves and yoke detail. Unfortunately I couldn't find this yarn in white no matter where I looked! (It's Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton & Silk.) Anyways, I thought Bristol's Somerset yarn might be comparable and bought a few alls. Since it was on sale it's wasn't a giant investment, especially since I only need a few balls.

Anyways, I'm going to start swatching and charting soon. I really hope that this idea doesn't get buried among all my other wips and all the projects I want to start. I sure wish there was more knitting time in the day!

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