Monday, September 26, 2011

FO: Something Lacy

My shrug is finally done.
I really enjoyed knitting it. The stitch pattern was very easy to remember and keep track of, and there was absolutely no shaping at all. It was just a rectangle that you fold in half to create the sleeves. There was only 3.75 inches of seaming on each side to deal with. That and the matter of picking up all the ribbing stitches meant that this pattern was really really easy.
It was just what I needed to get out of the slump I've been in, finishing project after project.
I started this one once I got that dreadful yarn and bound off five days later. (One of those days it was doomed to sit on the bathroom counter to dry.)
Now, I did have some problems when picking up the stitches. The first arm I picked up, I had to pick up fewer stitches because otherwise I'd end up with near 70 instead of 52. The second arm I had to pick up extras because otherwise I'd end up with only 40. Then when I got to the body, I picked up every stitch I could find and still only came up with 160 instead of 180. But it all turned out okay.
I could have bound off a bit looser on the body, but it fits just fine.
Unfortunately I never wear shrugs and this color looks terrible on me.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. My mom has expressed interest, but I don't think she would wear it either. I do have a niece it would fit, but I'm not sure she would like the color.
Oh well.
I really enjoyed knitting it, and I guess that's what counts.

I still have two full skeins and a partial ball leftover. I'll probably knit something for my SIL's newest baby. Maybe this cardigan, but maybe not because I don't trust my sewing skills with a baby who will chew buttons.

I still have a full plate as far as WIPS go...
1) Tomten Jacket
2) Baby Blanket
3) Hardcore Sweater
4) Smitten Garland
5) WOTA top-down raglan (haven't touched it in forever. in fact, i don't know where it is.)
6) Calcetines Azules
7) Hexipuffs (I'm up to 27 now, which is like 2% done.)
8) Legwarmers
9) Mara for Mom
10) Vest (probably also for mom)
11) Pony
12) Big Purse with Buttons (needs strap)
13) Super Secret Surprise Present for Someone Special
14) Bunny Slippers (sadly still faceless)
15) Fingerless Gloves
16) Stripey Mitts
17) Orange You Glad Purse (Crochet)

And last night I went ahead and started something new. Kind of. Well, I'm swatching for it. And I'm not getting gauge, so it might go ahead and go back into the stash for a while till I bring the WIP count down a little.
It is this sweater from DROPS: Jacket with Raglan Sleeve and Pattern on Yoke in Silke Alpaca
I'm using some Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a shade called "Buckwheat" which is basically a grey-brown. I didn't get gauge on the 7's, which is good because I really wasn't liking the fabric I was getting. It was much too tight, and I think I might go up to a size 9 instead.
I was having a big inner debate last night over whether I should knit the free DROPS pattern or wheter I should shell out $7 for the Ysolda Teague design, the Vine Yoke Cardigan. I don't know why, but I feel like making a cardigan. I hate sewing on buttons....
So anyways, I decided that it's not a good idea to shop online in the middle of the night, so I chose the free design. We'll see if I stick with it; I would like to bring down the wip count, after all...


  1. Your shrug looks really great! I'm not a big fan of picking up stitches...thankfully, I haven't had to pick up a lot of stitches on something yet. But, I'm glad it worked out for you even if you couldn't get the full number. It really looks great :)

  2. It's very pretty! I always have trouble picking up the # of stitches called for. Either too many or not enough.


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