Friday, September 2, 2011

two things that are done and one thing that is not done.

A scarf is finally set aside for Christmas.
Look at it go.
It is made with a tweedy Vanna's Choice, which turned out to shed more than I'd ever expected. The pattern is the one row handspun scarf by Stephanie Pearl Mc Phee, which looks very lovely. However, that one row does get a little bit boring by the time you're at the end. It may be a teeny bit short, but it's taller than me and that's usually what I go by.

Also finished are my lovely Vanilla Frappe Gloves. The pattern can be found here. They were so easy to make and they look so great; my only complaint is that I should have used nicer yarn. But, I'll probably make another pair. :)
The buttons totally don't match.
I bought a bunch of jars of buttons from Tuesday Morning. I bought a jar each of blues, purples, greens, reds, and blacks. Turns out there isn't a matching pair. At all. Okay that's not true. There is one matching pair of purples, but that's it. So I just got two big ones and two little ones and you can't really tell. (especially when I twirl 'em like this)
Finding Nemo quote.
Speaking of Finding Nemo, do you ever find yourself singing to yourself?
Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, what do we do? we knit! ahhahahha
i don't really know what i did to get this picture. it was late at night, my mind wasn't right.
I have hit a black hole with these legwarmers.
I measured after 15 repeats of the lace and decided I needed maybe one more repeat to get to 16 inches.
Measured again after 16 repeats. The legwarmers were 15".
Measured again after 17 repeats. The legwarmers were 15".
Measured again after 18 repeats. The legwarmers were 15".
It's more annoying than regular black-hole knitting, because I can see how much progress I should be making.

And then there's the dreaded fact...I totally have two legs.

(to perform such a feat.
o long legged spider.)

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  1. I really love the scarf! I think I want to make one. The gloves are great too :)


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