Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knit Purl Girl's at it again

Did you see the new awesome giveaway?
Webs is actually giving a Deluxe set of their brand new interchangeables to one lucky winner. Of course, I'm blogging about it for extra chances at winning, but seriously. Have you seen the new needles? 
I got the update about them via facebook a while back, and fell instantly in love.
THEN, i got my webs catalog and they shoved the beautiful needles in my face again.
and now a giveaway?
They're all purdy like the harmonys, And they're color coded so you always know what size you're using. KnitPurlGirl did a review on them, and they sound pretty awesome.
Of course they come in not-wood as well-The "nova"s are nickel plated brass. But I'm more of a wood fan, personally, so if i do win (which i doubt I will because SO many people are getting in on this. and i don't even have a twitter account) I would definitely go for the "dreamz" set.

Eventually, regardless of this giveaway, I'm probably going to get myself a set.

(I have an addiction.)

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