Friday, February 17, 2012

FO Friday

Oooooh today I have quite a few things to share.

1) The Boring Baby Blanket
 I made a rather important discovery with this project: My closet doesn't know how to knit. Seriously this sat in there for 3 or 4 months and when I took it out it was still the same size!!! Luckily it was on size 11 needles so once I devoted some time to it, it worked up quickly.
Please don't ask why I put a tiny chick in this picture. This blanket is just so boring, I thought I should put a baby toy. But then all I had was this weird wind-up chick.
Also you may notice this blankie is sort of big. That's because I seriously haven't decided if it is going to go to my newest (not born yet) niece, or to the one who is already 2, since she will be wondering why everyone is giving things to this new little person instead of her. At any rate, it is washable yarn and hopefully it will be a well-accepted gift.

2) English Pastry Socks
 I dubbed these "English Pastry Socks" because the yarn came from England in a swap, and the colors are pastel, which is a word I apparently forgot so I always said pastry instead. Which...I guess the alpaca content makes them sort of decadent like pastries? So it's sort of fitting, almost.
Spiraling toes :)
These were done on 0's and I experimented with new toes and heels. I love them! 

3) Granny square Cowl (if you're a regular reader then you already know. sorry.)
What's really funny is that I tried making granny squares something like 7 times in the past, and could never get the hang of them. This time, I tried working from a chart. I have always avoided charts because I find them hard to follow when I knit. Turns out the crochet charts are totally understandable, and I ended up with 8 little grannies all around my neck. It's made with Cascade 220 so it's very cozy and snug.

4) "Valentine's Day Consolation Prize" Slippers
I added the little crocheted hearts (free pattern found here) just for the heck of it. Since they're a Valentine present, after all. I actually have quite a few balls of Patons that have been sitting in the stash collecting dust and I am now contemplating making about a billion of these.
They are fast and super easy. And oh so cute.

I may have already started another pair in black.

What's really cool is that now that I have successfully crocheted slippers (that actually fit my feet!) I think I can move up to crocheting shoes! I already bought the jute cord for the soles and I am super excited.

What yarn diet?
Anyways, that's it for me.
Check out more lovely finished objects at Tamis Amis.


  1. Wow - loads of awesome finished things! I love the slippers and the blanket looks gorgeous. I love the idea of giving it to the big sister :)

  2. Super cute slippers! Wonder if that would be a good pattern for a crochet rookie. Hmm?

    1. I AM a rookie! GO for it!!! All you need to know is slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet. The pattern also has you do a single crochet 3 together and a double crochet 3 together but I didn't know how to do that when I started, and now I do ;)

  3. Oh I love all the stuff you did and the socks are great! Glad you got the hang of granny's cause they are super easy and I love things that I can make without looking at a pattern.

  4. Those pastry socks are terrific. Love the spiral toes.

  5. I adore the spiraling toes on the socks, so cute! Also, I think I actually just bought the exact same weird windup chick today, haha.

    And YAY for that slipper pattern---I made myself a pair back in September and loved them, I've been meaning to make another pair ever since. I even have some yarn set aside.

    I can't wait to see the shoes, what a cool idea with the jute soles!

  6. What great projects. You might find the blanket boring, but it is pretty and will be a welcome gift! Love the socks, love the slippers, such great things you make!

  7. I always love seeing these kinds of posts with so many finished objects! Now I feel lazy though. I also have to say that I love, love, love the socks!


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