Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Something Different.

Last year I knit more than 12 pairs of socks. Of those, I can tell you how many differed from the straight up top-down, heel flap, round toe: One. I strayed from the familiar long enough to learn how to do an afterthought heel, and then went straight back to the same ol' same ol'.
Socks I have made

When I cast on for this most recent pair of socks, I didn't think anything of it, but when I got to the heel I realized how boring and predictable I am. So, I dug around in one of my sock books (I have 5 books on socks. Maybe it's the guilt of owning all these innovative sock designs and only working plain ol' socks that got to me) until I found something *new* and **exciting**!

I chose the banded heel from the Sock Knitting Master Class. It is shown in the French Market Socks, but here is how mine turned out.
 It was a very interesting technique, because after you turn the heel and pick up the stitches, there are no gusset decreases to work. Also, because it has been SO long since I first turned a heel, I got to feel that wonder one more time. I quite look forward to doing it again.
Now you might be wondering if that weird band thing gets uncomfortable when you stand on it. And I don't know yet, because I haven't done a lot of walking in my one sock just yet. In addition, due to the yarn's fiber content I think these will be reserved as bed socks so I'll never be able to tell you how this heel behaves in a shoe. I can only tell you that it sure was fun to make!

Then to further spice things up, I went with a star toe from Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting. (Yes, in all the socks I have ever made I have never strayed from a round toe. I am ashamed.)

I had heard tell from a certain yarn harlot that spiral toes look nippley, but so far it hasn't bothered me. (Though I can definitely see where she's coming from.) I am also pretty excited about knitting the second sock(!), because it means I get to reverse the spiral. This is my first time NOT using kitchner stitch to finish a sock. One time I did a 3-needle bind off, but it disturbed me so much that I went back and "fixed" it.

So anyways, the details:
Needles: 0's,with 64 st CO
Yarn: Angels and Elephants Alpaca/Merino sock 329 yds/ 100g (from myTiny Owl Knits summa summa swap partner)

I made my socks pretty short, so I should have a lot left over. (For puffing? Probably.)

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  1. Oooh, I like the look of that heel! One of my goals this year is to venture away from vanilla socks into a pattern ;)

  2. That yarn would indeed be great for puffing! long live the hexipuff madness haha.

    You call those socks plain, I call them marvelous! I really like the ones with the skulls. I would love to be able to make those. I still have to start my very first pair...scary!

  3. Cool socks! Its always fun and scary to break away from the norm, kudos to you :)

  4. wow! your socks are so impressive. hopefully i will get on the bandwagon soon. ive been reading up.

  5. I absolutely love your socks. The toe is amazing and so interesting. Thanks. Hope I get there one day x

  6. Learning new methods and techniques is so much fun. Love that heel!

  7. Very interesting heel construction. I tend to get comfortable with a certain style and stick with it. I should take your example and try something new and different!

  8. That star toe looks fabulous. I think I'll be sticking with plain ol' socks until my sock skills are up to par. May take awhile.

  9. Yay to experimenting with new techniques and getting use out of books in your library. The heel looks great!


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