Saturday, February 18, 2012

It came, it came!!!!

Well today we went to my sister's house for a big birthday bash for 2 little princesses (One turning 1 year old and the other turning 15). We had cake and we jumped in the jumper until we felt sick, and we hit the pinata and it was a blast. Vyvyan didn't want to come home. He could have jumped forever.

But alas, we did go home, and when we got home I found a big surprise waiting for me!
That's right! The book I pre-ordered on a whim in June of 2011 (probably as a birthday present to myself) finally arrived. I have heard so many things about this book, but with it previously selling for 200 dollars and up, I figured I would never have a chance to read it. Then when I heard they were revising it I was so excited. I ended up paying a little more than $25, and this book is huge.

Like it is a textbook, no kidding. 700 pages, serious.

When I think back on my college text books and how much I paid for them, I realize what a steal this book was. Especially since I'm going to be using this book for the rest of my life, not for one college semester. Like the time I bought a $190 Business Administration book? I rarely used it throughout the course and then the school refused to buy it back and I haven't touched it since. It wasn't half as big as this book, either.

Anyways, I have barely had a chance to flip through it but I can say that it is PACKED with information. Luckily, Vyvyan fell asleep on the way home so I might have a chance to read a bit of it right now. Yay!


  1. What a lovely ending to a lovely day! Looking forward to your review of this classic.

  2. I keep hearing a lot of things about that book too! I agree it's a steal - I might have to get it too.


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