Sunday, February 12, 2012


So I spent a great deal of time working on my "craft area" the other day.

Before now, I never had a craft area actually. But then my sister tossed out this old shelfy thing and I immediately took it to my room and filled it with goodies.
stuff on top- yes those are train bookends(Vyvyan's influence). And that little blue bird is totally a tape measure. And the crab is totally a piggy bank.
The books on top are knitting essays and knitting fiction, which frees up more room in my bookshelf for books on technique. Then, of course, all my straights and DPN's. My exchangeable sets are tucked in with the books, and the fixed circulars are in one of the top drawers. The other drawer is filled with tape measures, buttons, ribbons, elastic thread, extra darning needles, scissors, and other odds and ends.

The box holds all my magazines (yay even more bookshelf room!) and I put a few of my hardcover books as well, just for looks.
Then what's really cool is that the sides pop out so I can put up my ballwinder and swift. Woot!

The bottom drawer holds mostly swatches and extra pens and paper for design work.
The cabinets at the bottom are filled with....

all my WIPs. (And swift and ballwinder, when not in use.)This pile of bags used to be tucked behind my closet door (which had to be propped back with a chair in order to stay closed) and a few of them lived in other places in the house. But now they are all together in one place. I'm hoping that I will become the kind of knitter who works on one thing at a time, and that soon I will replace these WIP bags with yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I actually organized that too.
The main stash is in 2 underbed storage containers.
The bigger one holds all my worsted weights and cotton.

The smaller one holds all the bulky weight and "fancy" stuff. (Like Kidsilk Haze. That's fancy.)

There is also a little pink suitcase holds a whole bunch of Cestari sock weight I got on sale once upon a time that I decided is lacking in quality and haven't really done anything with.
 Then in my closet is this cute little basket purse

which contains all my "good" sock yarn.

This hat box (also kept in the closet) contains all my lesser-quality sock yarn. (Actually, looking at it a second time I guess it's actually just the sock yarn that didn't fit in the basket or that isn't in the queue quite yet.)

Then there's a box I got really cheap at DD's Discounts. I think they sold it as a toybox? But it's totally perfect for my acrylics. Sorry about the dark shot; I was too lazy to remove it from the closet.

And that's all the yarn in my room, except for the 5 skeins of Simply Soft in the laptop bag under Vyvyan's bed. (His under-bed has NO storage at all.)

Well I guess there are also a few bags of yarn scraps: one for fingering weight, one for bulky weight, one for worsted acrylics and one for worsted wools. But I'll save those for another day, because who wants to look at a bunch of partial skeins? Not me! Though they sure are handy for stripey hats ;)

So anyways, now things are a little bit more manageable in here. I'm quite happy with my new "craft area" and that all my yarn is mostly together and sorted. Now if only I could get my Ravelry stash page up to date....


  1. Aw, very nice! Makes me want to organize my stuff! :) Your ability to set up your swift & ball winder right there is especially awesome.

  2. Awesome Curio. So dainty looking too and it holds so much. Definately a great aquisition.

  3. Doesn't it feel great to get organized? I just got my craft area back. I was storing some stuff in it that just left the house, so now I have room to craft again :-)


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