Saturday, February 11, 2012

Non-knitting adventures

This week we went on a field trip to the zoo! I knitted all the way there and back, of course, but I'll save that news for Finished Object Friday (hint hint, something might have gotten finished).
So now to bore you with a picture of my kid, in which he refuses to look at the camera:
 Probably refusing to look at the camera because this is way more exciting:
But his favorite animal in the whole zoo? Not the lions, or the tiger, or the anteaters, or the parrot that amused us to no end saying "Meow!" and "Here, kitty kitty!" No, his favorites were the flamingos.

He kept saying "pink! pink!" And then when grandma taught him to stand on one leg and hide his head in his arms, that was it. He has a new favorite animal. haha.

Of course, while I was looking at the flamingo I kept thinking how cool it would be to find flamingo-colored yarn. The second I got home, I started looking into it. While I found several skeins that captured the light pink of the flamingo (manos del urugay and northloopyarn for example) I found very few who got both the light and dark intermixed. Although Lorna's Laces was a good option.
But my favorite flamingo skein was this one by Socks that Rock(aptly named pink flamingo). It seems like a lot of the dyers had forgotten that flamingos, while wonderfully pink, have black under-wings. And I think that's really what I was looking for, that mix of light pink, dark pink and black. Even the Socks that Rock aren't exactly what I was looking for, but who knows. Maybe this will be one of those times when I need to experiment with the dye bath!

So anyways, the obvious conclusion is to combine my love of my craft with the love of my son:  I have to knit him a flamingo.

Ok that's enough non-knitting blogging for ya'll.
Unless you wanna see my new shoes. ;)
Har har you can see the stickers on my floor.

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  1. Oooh, a knitted flamingo would be amazing. And how fitting that your new shoes are the color of flamingoes!


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