Friday, February 3, 2012

FO Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!
Today I have 3 objects to show off.

1) Fox Mittens
These little guys(self-designed) had been sitting in a project bag for quite some time, mainly due to my choice of yarn. When my Michael's stopped carrying Lion Brand Wool-Ease,  I thought Vanna's Choice would be a good substitute. Apparently that 20% wool content in the Wool-Ease makes a world of difference, because I found these mittens much harder to work with size 3 and 4 needles. Because of the way the yarn felt on my hands, I also knit these looser than I wanted and they are quite large.

2) Windowpane Hat
 Another random self-designed object. This one used up some odd balls of stash. I just flipped through the pages of The Essential Guide to Color Knitting until I found an interesting stitch pattern, cast on a likely number, and started knitting. It was a very fast knit. I think I started and finished it while watching Bolt with my son. I quite like it, but I don't think I'll be making a pattern out of it any time soon. This one is going to be a Christmas present.

3) Catching Butterflies
Yes, I know, this is the best FO picture ever. Totally descriptive.

Finally, a pair for myself!
The other two pairs were exactly the same. Same yarn and everything:

At one point I cared enough to take a well-lit shot with an accurate depiction of the stitch pattern, but that ship has sailed. 3 pairs? I must love this pattern.

I love the yarn, too. I inherited 5 skeins of it through a friend of a friend, and am sad it is disconinued. It softens wonderfully after blocking, and is pleasant to knit with. I have 2 skeins left, which may or may not become more catching butterflies. (I may be addicted.)

Anyways, that's me.
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  1. Those fox mittens are the cutest thing I've seen in a while. (I'm averting my eyes from the butterflies lest I become addicted too ; )

  2. Love the fox mittens, and the butterflies are gorgeous :)

  3. Those fox mittens are too adorable! Love them~

  4. Lots of cute hand-wear in this post, those fox mitts are adorable!

  5. Cute mitts ~ I just made a pair for my Dad, but they were not quite so "cute", thanks for sharing...

  6. What fabulous FOs! The fox mittens are incredible ... a must-knit for every child I know ... and I love your new hat. Might you write up the pattern and post it in the future? You should!

  7. So many fabulous finished objects! Those fox mitts are absolutely adorable! I love your hat - the stitch pattern is quite striking.

    You sound like me with the butterfly mitts. Once I find something that works for one of my girls, I have to knit several to make sure they all have one :o)

  8. Love everything! The hat is gorgeous, but those butterfly mittens are stunning!

  9. I'm sorry the Vanna's Choice yarn (which I find a little annoying to crochet with, myself, although I use it fairly often as it's readily available and cheap...) messed up your fox mittens a little, but at least they're still the Cutest Things Ever? I love the black ears and the sweet little faces. :D

    I also really, really love the windowpane hat, I'm so impressed that you just...self-designed and whipped it up! It's lovely.

  10. All 3 projects are fabulous! Are you going to write up the fox mittens pattern? I can see why you like the catching butterflies mitts. I will have to make a pair of those for my niece!

  11. Love those Fox Mittens and the Butterfly gloves. I like the pattern you designed - great job!

    I enjoy using Wool-Ease as well. I noticed that Michael's doesn't carry it anymore, but I do get it at Joann Fabrics if you have one nearby.


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