Friday, February 10, 2012

FO Friday

Well, other than my Windowpane Hat (pattern and all) I didn't get very much done this week.
I got a lot of progress done on a baby blanket, and quite a bit of sock knitting done, but nothing DONE done.
I did, however, crochet some washcloths.
It's so funny! I'm really not a "crocheter." I am more like a knitter who also technically knows how to crochet (sorta) and I never really feel like crocheting just for the heck of it.
Yet this week I was just hooking along! I made 4 washcloths total: one of those pictured was already done, and the stripey one at the end was finished soon after I took this picture. I am giving these to my mom for her birthday in April. She once told me, upon seeing my stash, that I should just make her a whole bunch of washcloths.
 I hope she meant it.

Next week I should have a few more projects to share, but since I'm working on finishing old WIP's they will be SO BORING!!!! haha

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  1. My DD love cotton cloths too, I've been knitting one to represent each month for her, 11 down and 1 to go. Very nice.

  2. I love dishcloths, that's a great present!

  3. yay dishcloths! I'm like you with crochet, I rarely do it, but then occasionally the mood will strike, and you'll get a quick and fancy FO =)

  4. I'm not really a crocheter either. I have been thinking about knitting some dishclothes though. Just something quick and fun to have some of my handywork in the kitchen :)

  5. Just the other day, I found a dishcloth that I crocheted ages ago and used it as a dust rag. It worked beautifully and I loved seeing it again. I'm sure your mom is going to be thrilled.


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