Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February in Review

February Finished Objects
(Links to rav project pages)

  1. Catching Butterflies
    for myself  ^_^
  2.  Crocheted Dishcloth
    all four are going to my mom in a set.
    they're not in my project pages because, well...
    it's 17 stitch single crochet till big enough to make a square.
  3.  ""
  4. ""
  5.  ""
  6. Windowpane Hat, Orange
    made to test pattern, now on Etsy
  7. Granny Square Cowl
    for myself  ^_^
  8. Baby Blanket
    for a niece.
  9. English Pastry Socks
    for myself ^_^
  10. Valentine Maryjanes
    for myself ^_^
  11. Black Maryjanes size 6/7
    for a friend
  12. Black Maryjanes size 7/8
    for another friend
  13. Cecil the Computer Monster
    for my nephew's birthday
  14. Crocheted Owl Hat
    for Vyvyan
  15. Knit Owl Hat
    for the fun of making a pink owl hat, will soon be on Etsy
  16. Some Cloudy Days
    because who can resist a knitalong? for myself  ^_^
  17. Koolhas Hat
    for Vyvyan
So out of 17 knits(err and crochets?), only 5 are selfish.

The baby blanket is probably my proudest achievement, not because it was complicated (stockinette rectangle with garter stitch border) but perhaps for the exact opposite reason. It was insanely boring, the yarn wasn't pleasant to work with, and it went on and on and on forever. This is the only project from this month that was from last year. I still have 4 projects carrying over: The Mara Shawl, The Hexipuffs (which don't really count, because I expected to have them on the go for a year anyways) The Ski Sweater(which is totally hibernating), and my Calcetines Azules which at least I have been working on.
I figure if I tackle them one at a time, I can eventually only have WIPS from this year. Though, hopefully by the time I do that it isn't already next year...

Techniques Learned
1) Granny Squares
2) Learned to knit 2 at a time
3) Crochet Magic Loop
4) sc3tog
5) dc3tog
6) EZ's Sewn Bind Off
7) Duplicate Stitch
8) How to publish a PDF on Rav. ^_^

Last month's February Goals:

1) Catching Butterflies (my THIRD pair!!)- counts toward 12 tok in 2012
2) Cecil the Computer Monster- knit for gift. either for upcoming birthday OR to be saved for xmas.
3) Vine Yoke Cardigan (though running out of yarn is an understandable excuse)
4) Calcetines Azules- 12 socks in 2012

So obviously I only got half of those done, but I decided to switch out the baby blanket for the Vine Yoke Cardigan and since I got that done I'm feeling pretty accomplished. I have been working on the Calcetines Azules (Blue Socks, but who wants to call them that?) and am nearly done with sock number one.

So March Goals look like this:
1) Finish Calcetines Azules OR Guitar Man Socks (I know, you're like WHAT guitar man socks? They were supposedly frogged in mid-august but they're actually still in a bag in my closet. They're just naked of needles. I have one sock done and half of the leg of the second) 12 socks in '12
2) Finish the Holden Shawlette (which I just cast on yesterday; I'm so excited!!!)
3) Knit Bear Mittens
4) Sleeping Beauty Cowl- 12 tok in '12

Oh, and about the yarn-buying goals.
I made a goal this year to buy most of my yarn IN-PERSON. Which, so far, is holding up nicely. However, I am going order online next month in order to buy one more skein of "Whatta Skein" in the Luna Granite colorway to knit the Calligraphy Cardigan.
Just thought I'd admit that here. ^_^

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  1. Great post ... it's always nice to run through our goals and achievements.


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