Thursday, February 23, 2012

FO Friday

A few FO's to share today...

1 and 2: More Crocheted Slippers.
The two pairs basically look identical (the second pair has one extra row) but here they are together just as proof.
Proof doesn't have to be pretty.
These were done with Lion Brand Wool Ease for ease of care. I used up the last of my cutesy La Mode buttons, but I think I might yet make more of these slippers and will want to pick up some more cute buttons the next time I hit up a craft store. I saw some that were shaped like hippos and can't help but notice there is some coordinating purple wool in my stash...

3. Owl Hat for Vyvyan
I knit my son hats. I think to date I have made him 7 hats. He has worn none of them. Not even the one made out of Cashsoft DK. I specifically fondled EVERY skein of yarn in that shop to find the softest thing I could afford that I could knit up into a hat for his precious little head. I designed the pattern specifically for him and the kid has done nothing but pry it off his head every time I put it on him.
He does have a hat that he wears. It looks like this:
His dad bought it for him at Target and every time we get ready to go for a walk, Vyvyan wanders around the house calling, "Dog hat! Where are you?"
I know. Why mess with a good thing? But the kid loves owls and I love creating. Enter a quick and free crochet pattern and some stash yarn in the exact colorways needed:

I realize he doesn't look very excited about his hat. That's because he's watching an engaging episode of Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment, and something serious is happening. (Something serious is always happening on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. Man should be out of business.) But yeah once he realized that it was an owl hat, he became very interested in my project. Once the eyes and beak were sewn on, minus buttons, he put it on and refused to take it off. I had to wait until he went to sleep to sew the buttons on! The next morning he carried around both hats lovingly, saying "Dog hat. Owl hat." And eventually getting frustrated, presumably because he couldn't wear them both at the same time. But we'll see if he continues to favor the dog hat. It does, after all, have a felt lining...

4. Owl Hat for Me
The disaster did have a happy ending after all. It involved frogging the whole thing, but sometimes I feel like that's good for the soul. Like a phoenix, maybe?
After re-knitting the whole hat and then adding in all the details with duplicate stitch, I felt like I had a right to be proud.
That's right. Them's owls.
 5. Cecil the Computer Monster
I don't know why Cecil languished in the closet as long as he did. (I cast on January 30th) When I pulled his project bag out and dumped him out on my bed, prepared for a long few hours of finishing work, I was startled to see that he was very nearly finished. Except for his legs, he was complete. So less than 10 minutes later, I had an FO.
A bit lumpy, but still lovable.
I think part of the reason Cecil languished is that I wasn't sure why I was making him. I learned no new techniques and the stash yarn I was using took up much less space as 2 skeins than as a huge monster. Plus I had difficulty with the stuffing I used; it kept bunching up and looking bizarre. I think I stuffed him like 8 times before I eventually just gave up and let him be lumpy. But once I remembered I have a nephew turning 7, it all came together, and he'll be a welcome gift come March 10.

That's it for me.

In other news, tomorrow I am headed to Stitches West and I am so excited I think I might pop. Just completely explode. I may have dug out all the change I've been squirreling away in order to buy a few special skeins.

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  1. You've been so busy! Love the owl hats, and the monster is great!

  2. Wow! So many wonderful projects! Both owl hats are super cute and I'm so glad your little one adores his!

  3. Great projects, love the owls hats and the monster.

  4. I love love love both owl hats! I have to make the first one for my youngest daughter and I need the adult one. Love them so much.

  5. You've done a ton this week! Both owl hats are amazing! I agree with you about Thomas though; there's an awful lot of drama on that little railway!

  6. Love the owl hat you made for your son. It's adorable!

  7. So many great projects recently are altering my bias against pink. Your hat looks fantastic (and I love the pointy photo. I do those a lot).
    The crocheted owl hat is great too.

  8. I am so glad that the OWL hat worked out. I was following the progress this week. I hate it when things don't turn out how we planned in our minds. Great job on the second go round.

  9. Your son's owl hat is precious! I'm glad he likes it so much. Boy, you have been so productive finishing so many projects. Love your owl hat with the duplicate stitch!

  10. I love the slippers- Made a pair of my own since I liked yours so much!
    And your owl hat is adorable- glad your son likes it!

  11. The kids hats are sooooooooo cute and the one you made yourself turned out great. Buttons add a lot of finish to items, like your slippers.

  12. The redone Owl hat is perfect! And such a cute monster and owl baby hat.

  13. All great projects, but I especially love your owl hat. The story about your son's owl hat is better though :). Have fun at STITCHES!

  14. Oh, I hope you do get the hippo buttons! I was in love with the thought of button-choosing re: that slipper pattern. (...Still need to make my next pair. So. Many. Other. Projects.)

    Also, your story about your son and his many neglected (beautiful!) handmade hats and one much-beloved store-bought hat makes me want to give you a hug. <3 And refer you to my mom, who can probably share similar stories about my ignoring handmade amazingness as a kid---but I grew out of it! ;)

    Also, Cecil is amazing, and while I'm sorry about the total redo on the owl hat, it was definitely worth it, as it looks adorable and spectacular!

  15. That is an awesome parade of FO's! I love both owl hats. Your duplicate stitch work is so impressive. Cecil is adorable.

  16. Wow - such great projects! Love those owl hats! The second try of your owl hat is so impressive - I bet that painful frogging feels good now!

  17. I have an obsession with Owls. You're making it Great job on the hats! They are SO COOL!


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