Monday, February 13, 2012

Haute Crochet

Okay you guys. I think I found out why I keep crocheting things. It's because I made a "rule" for myself to not cast on any more things until x amount of WIPs are finished. And technically crocheting new things isn't casting on anything new.
So I learned how to make granny squares.
Then I sewed them all together, added a double crochet border and called it a cowl.
My son calls it a "cow" and says MOOO when I put it on. Which is kind of rude, but not really because he's like 2.
(He ALWAYS disrupts my photo sessions, because he loves seeing himself on camera)
I think the main thing I took from this lesson is that I should have checked to make sure the colors don't line up exactly. It bothers me!!! And then also I probably should have sewn it with a twist so that it doesn't bunch up all awkwardly.

But I do have a new cowl, and it does match my crocheted hat:
so haute!! har har har
 So there is that.
Actually, I was planning on adding a bit of white to the cowl as well, so it would be even more matchy-matchy. But then.... I added a row of sc in white and then I thought a nice shell stitch would look neat and well... it didn't. It looked terrible, and of course I didn't think to try it on until after I'd weaved in all the ends and so then I had to unpick it all and rip and ... then I was just sick of the whole thing and called it done!

Then, after digging around on Ravelry for more crochet patterns I finally decided to just deal with the fact that I wanted to cast on something new.
I went to Anna's Yarn Shoppe in Elk Grove (I have made  goal this year to buy all my yarn IN PERSON which, so far, has made quite a difference in how much I spend. I would have used stash yarn for this project, but I really wanted to have DK weight and my stash is seriously lacking in DK.)  and bought some Berocco Vintage DK for a knit-along I want to participate in.
Funky green for some mossy legwarmers.
Since I have already made legwarmers from this pattern, (some cloudy day) I decided to incorporate something new by learning how to knit two at a time.
Success!!! Hopefully having a new and fun project will lessen my desire to hook up a bunch of granny squares and make 'em into cowls. Although the coolest thing about grannies is how they use up all those partial balls....


  1. your 'cow' looks awesome with your hat!! Great job.

    1. Thank you ♥
      I fear I may have to make some legwarmers to match....

  2. I love your MOO ... how cute is your little guy. And I think it's quite the fashion statement with your beautiful hat.

  3. Ah crochet. The yarn craft that taunts me with its hooks & yarn-voraciousness. I'm thinking maybe this summer would be a good time to really learn to crochet. We will see!


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