Thursday, March 1, 2012

FO Friday

I finished 3 items this week. I already showed Koolhas, so I will only be sharing the other two today.

1) Some Cloudy Day Legwarmers
Drive by baby!!!

with slouch

"where the green grass of morning, soft-sprinkled with dew,
would tickle my toes as I would go running through." (Linda Van Tassel)

Yarn: Berocco Vintage DK
Pattern: Some Cloudy Day
Mods/notes: This is the second pair I have made. I cast on only 54 stitches, and used a regular chain bind off instead of Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off because the last pair was too big. These seem to fit very well, so far, but I may still add elastic to the ribbing if they stretch with wear.

2) Holden Shawlette

Post-blocking ^_^

Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Crock-O-Dye
Pattern: Holden Shawlette
Mods/notes: Didn't have enough yarn to do 2 repeats plus 6 rows. I stopped at row 30. This was a very fast knit: I cast on February 28th and finished it in the morning of March 1st. I did knit deeeeeeep into the night on the 29th, though. I told myself "This is the only opportunity to knit lace: when the baby is asleep. Must....keep....knitting..." and nearly finished but for 2 rows!

So that's me for this week.
Check out more FO's with Tamis Amis ^_^ omg she finished the sweater !!!


  1. Wow! Your shawl is just beautiful. I can't believe you finished in two days, thats amazing!
    And the legwarmers are so cute!

  2. My daughter will love those Leg warmers. Will definitely be trying them out.

    And your shawl, it is amazing!


  3. Beautiful. I love the leg warmers, I keep meaning to make myself some!

  4. Beautiful knits. I love the Holden, I did that one too. You are right, that was a fast knit! Love the drive by.

  5. Love the leg warmers! drive-by baby is cute too.. :-)

  6. Cute legwarmers - they look toasty warm. I also like the look of your Holden Shawlette. Maybe I should look at that pattern as I often find lace projects interminable and tiresome as the rows get longer and longer and longer!

  7. Hee, the drive-by-baby shot is awesome---almost as awesome as the legwarmers themselves, which are a cool texture and look amazing on you, with your cool shoes and tights. :D

    Love the shawlette, too, it's so crazy-elegant.

  8. Love your holden! That was my first lace, and I will definitely go back to it soon!
    the legwarmers are great! such a pretty color!

  9. Oooh, both are terrific. What nice legs you have! : )

  10. Oo pretty Holden. And the legwarmers looked awesome. I started it a while ago but it's now hibernating :(. I guess I should dig it up and try again!

  11. Those legwarmers are YUMMY! Love the Holden too!

  12. Shawl is very pretty, such pretty lace.

  13. Look what i found.
    I posted a link to you on her blog too.

  14. Ahaha, drive-by baby is amazing. Fun legwarmers too.

  15. Beautiful shawl. Love the drive by...

  16. Those leg warmers look fabulous - great job! I've been thinking about doing the Holden shawlette for awhile. Yours turned out great and I love the color!

  17. Those legwarmers are killer! So are the legs underneath ;-)

  18. Pretty girl, pretty knitting, last photo is amazing.

  19. I love those legwarmers! I made a couple pair for my daughters, but perhaps I need to get moving on some for myself too!


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