Saturday, June 30, 2012

June in Review

Wow! It seems like June just flew right by!

June Finished Objects
Links to Rav project pages
1.) Love Socks
2.) Parseltongue Hat
3.) Calcetines Azules
4.) Mom's Socks

4 projects completed. That's very low, considering how much knitting time I got in. However, it is important to note that 3 of these are sock projects- I also knit 1 patchwork sock in June- and socks do take some time... Also, I worked on a few OLD projects. Worked on, but didn't complete.
I'm happy about my Calcetines Azules: they had been on the needles for far too long, and they are the most complex (stitch-wise) socks I've made all year.

I still have 2 projects carrying over from last year: The Hexipuffs and the Ski Sweater. Both, sadly untouched. Just to make me feel guilty, and perhaps prompt myself into finishing it, I'm adding a picture of the Ski Sweater as last seen:

Gahh!! I feel so guilty! Look at that! It's like PRACTICALLY done! I just have to cut the damn armholes, sew in the sleeves and knit then neck hem. I have finished like 6 sweaters while this one lounges in the WIP pile. Way to go, me.

Techniques Learned
Cough, cough.
hm... MOVING ON!

Last Month's June Goals:
1) Finish Love Socks- these can be an xmas gift for a secret special someone who likes squishy socks
2) Xmas gift ^^^^ see how I plan on killing two birds with one stone?
3) Tok Knit-
5) No online purchases, even though it is my birthday.

um. I made a few online purchases but none of them were yarn, so I'm not sure it counts. I ordered:
1) A size F crochet hook, since it cost the same as buying one at the store, minus getting there.
2) A HO Bag (designed by the Stockinette Zombies) that HASN'T ARRIVED YET! (???)
3) 3 used knitting books: Mary Thomas Book of Knitting & Book of Knitting Patterns, and Knitting in the Old Way. These ranged in price from 93 cents to 9.99. Super psyched because one of the books was cheap because it "has markings inside." I can't wait to see what some anonymous knitter wrote inside!

Goals for July:
1) Finish The Ugly Sweater
2) Learn Afterthought Pocket Technique
3) Crochet a baby sweater (Either the Pee-Wee or the Beyond Rectangles)
4) TOK Knit
5) Sock Knit (Patchwork socks are ideal)

As for my IRL yarn purchases?
I bought 1 skein of Sheep(ish) to try it out for the Pee Wee coat. Expect a review soon.
I bought 1 skein of Washable Ewe to try out.
Then, I went to JoAnns to buy a skein of Fishermen's Wool for my ugly sweater and found that it was over 1/2 off! It seemed like everything was on sale, so I bought:
1 skein Fishermens' Wool
2 skeins Paton's Kroy (Immediately knit up into socks)
3 additional skeins of Washable Ewe
All for only $11! I was pretty happy.

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