Thursday, June 28, 2012


I truly love knitting, and think about it quite often. The other day it occurred to me that my favorite type of knitting is sweater knitting: Plain ol' EZ pullovers in mostly stockinette- something cozy to knit and cozy to wear.
So I threw all my current WIPs out the window and cast on something new. The only rule was that it had to be from stash. Unfortunately, all my yarn is on hold: "Those skeins are for the Calligraphy Cardigan," and, "that box of cotton was going to be the Empire Strikes Back Dress."
You know how it is.

So I did some digging, and happened upon all my old scraps. You know, you buy a ball of wool and knit a hat with it and stuff the remains "somewhere?" Well I gots a lotta remains. In fact "somewhere" is full to the brim. So what's a girl to do except take the patchwork socks idea to the next level?

The Ugly Sweater.
It's happening.

I knit the sleeves in 2 days. The body already has 5 inches done. It's addicting. And fun. And so, so very ugly.


  1. haha so awesome. cant wait to see it!!

  2. Everyone needs at least one "ugly" sweater, right? Love this post!

  3. I have yet to even make one sweater! lol


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