Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Little Piggy Went Yarn Bombing....

I've never really been yarn bombing before. Once a few years ago I tied a small bit of orange acrylic to a pole, but I really don't think that counts... I went back to check on it a week or so after the fact and it had been cleaned up and probably thrown away. It wasn't anything impressive; it was just a square, striped with garter stitch and stockinette with a few yarn-overs thrown in. But after a reminder that International Yarn Bombing Day is June 9th this year, I busted out some woolen scraps and whipped up a cute little project to do that very thing.

(it's a pig)

To be honest, I'm not sure I'm a fan of yarn bombing.
I feel like it's kind of a waste of yarn because, even if it looks really cool for a minute, it ends up all bedraggled and dirty and basically gross. Especially if it's left out in the rain and sun.
But I was inspired by One Sheepish Girl's strawberry idea, and thought if I did some cute intarsia then it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe, in fact, somebody who saw it would take a liking to it and take it home!

Instead of tying it on with string like I did with that old garter stitch square, and instead of sewing it on where it would be stuck on the tree or pole for life, I decided to go with a more temporary fixture:


I chose these cute little buttons because they are loners in the button bin, and were always taunting me when I would knit baby items where I needed 4 or 5. For the straps I just picked up 5 stitches, knit 14 rows of garter stitch, then did 2 rows of easy YO buttonholes so I have a bit of a choice as to what size pole or tree I put it on.

I liked that, since it's just a sort of throw-away project, I didn't have to worry about the reverse side looking pretty:

Anyways, I'll be out finding a nice little place for this pig.
Wish me luck!

And P.S.
I totally caught the Patchwork Sock bug (forum here).

I don't even mind weaving in all the ends!
 I seriously am in loooove with knitting these. Every new scrap I pick out I'm like, "Awwww, these were Will's socks... Awww this was Tennyson's cardigan that's actually still not finished and gee maybe I should start that second sleeve.... Awww this was the pair of socks I made for myself and then the dryer ate one.. Awwww this was supposed to be a hexipuff," and so on and so on. Seriously. Great fun.


  1. Your intarsia pig is super cute! And the buttons are so clever. I love the idea of yarn bombing but have never done it. The Patchwork Sock is looking great.

  2. Aw! Your yarn bomb is so cute! I'm glad you decided to give yarn bombing a try. I love your idea of making it less permanent so someone could take it home and enjoy it! :-)

  3. I love the idea of buttons - maybe your piggie will find a good home :-)


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