Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Very Merry (Um) Birthday

So it's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to.
Cry for pie! Key Lime Pie!!!
And now???

~~~~~Showing Off Looovely Presents~~~~

1) Assortment of tasty tea (I love that it's called "Stash.")

So far I have only tried the Black Chai and the Orange Spice, but I'm looking forward to trying Ginger Peach. Yum!

2) Key Lime Pie
(This was all I really wanted!)

Yum ^_^

3) Handmade Necklace 1

This necklace means so much to me. My SIL Heather, upon gifting it, began sort of apologetically, "I don't know if you wear gaudy stuff..."and I tried to shush her (because I love gaudy stuff) but she went on with, "but there's a picture of Vyvyan inside, I pressed the flowers in the front, and I blessed it."
Needless to say, I completely love it to bits. Vyvyan loves it too. I put it on and he points at it and says, "Vyvyan watering flowers." ^_^

4) Fairy House

My brother is really into horticulture and when I shared with him that I wanted a little fairy garden, he secretly put this together! Apologies for the terrible picture, but there is a little path, and a mushroom statue for my fairies to sit on. It's so cute, and I loved that he set it up outside and left scavenger clues around the house for me to find it!

5) Handmade Necklace 2

Don't I have some talented SIL's? Tiffany made this one, and she actually showed me her whole necklace collection and I got to pick my favorite. There were some true beauties. (I would love to take this opportunity to direct you to her Etsy shop but she doesn't have one.) I think this one suited my personality the best, and the little bead at the end reminded me of a turtle shell. The whole thing is just very earthy and yet simple, and it's light and comfortable to wear.

I don't know how it happened, but a few years ago I made a wish (telling NOBODY) that I had more jewelry, especially jewelry that had meaning behind it. I had looked in my jewelry box and noticed that all my necklaces and earrings came from lame little mall shops and I had bought them all for myself. I feel blessed that since then I have acquired not only gifted jewelry but hand-made jewelry.

So much happy!!
I love both of the necklaces so much that today I tried to wear them both at the same time.

It was technically do-able, but I guess I'll be traditional and wear them one at a time. Since I only have one neck and all.... Oh and I guess I already showed you, but let's have some better lighting...

6) New Hair!!
Ignore my "Did it take the picture yet?" face ;)
Blue Hair!
It's incredibly temporary, but I have wanted blue hair all of my life and now I feel just like a mermaid. When it runs out (It only lasts 5-40 washes, with my luck closer to 5) I have a few other colors to pick from. I think purple is next. And before you ask, yes I had to bleach the daylights out of it. 2 boxes, and it still wasn't "blonde."

7) Goodies from JoAnne's
I went for buttons, but I ended up getting a few little treats for myself as well ;)
I bough Sheep(ish) for swatching for this adorable pea-coat.

Also I may have bought something online. That may be coming in the mail. ;)
All in all I had such a wonderful beautiful day- at the mall I ran into a few knitters, which really cheered me up!
I even had an hour or so this morning to myself to lose myself in a novel! I hope you all had a lovely June 14 as well ;)


  1. Wowwweeee your hair is soooo pretty!! I love the color! Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    I don't know what your SIL meant about gaudy - the necklace doesn't look gaudy at all. What lovely gifts from your wonderful family! I hope you had a great day!

  2. happy birthday! Looks like you scored!! I have never tried key lime pie...

    And the hair! Omigosh it looks fab, I could never do it though!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Hmmm, now I think everyone should have blue hair on their birthday. What love you have around you -- hand-made jewelry is awesome and yours are gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous presents! And I love love love your hair. I really want blue hair, and red hair... But I don't have the guts for the bleaching part.


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