Friday, June 1, 2012

FO Friday

I have a few finished objects to share.
1) Sweater on the Fly
I know I said I'd give you a picture in natural lighting but... well...
It is 106 degrees outside my house right now so that is NOT happening.

I stood in front of a window for this picture ^_^
Then I took it off and threw it in a pile of winter clothing where I'm sure I won't see it again for 6 months.
Still, it was really so fun to knit a sweater without a pattern. For a minute there I didn't think it was going to work out, but I guess I really lucked out! Holding the wool-ease double was an excellent way to get a sweater fast, too.

2) Incredibly boring in comparison: white dishcloths
 Because sometimes when it's hot and I'm bored I make squares.

3 and 4) Hat and Sweater for a family baby
Materials: Wool Ease, 2 Skeins
Size 6 needles (I am so happy I learned magic loop, enabling me to knit this entire thing without switching needles)

As you can probably tell, I didn't use a pattern for the sweater. I just cast on 90 stitches and did a basic raglan. The original plan (if you can call it that) was to knit a placket down the middle front so that the new mama can just unbutton it to pull over the baby's head. But at some point I threw that plan out the window and decided that garter stitch is probably stretchy enough, especially in combination with the fact that the neckline was already accidentally far wider than I had intended. Basically I totally messed this up because pride goeth before a fall.
And yes, the garter stitch wannabe placket is one stitch off-center. I can't ever un-see it and it makes me so crazy. I'm not even sure if this is going to make it to the gift box for the new baby. It's sort of shameful. It does look cute on a stuffed cow, though.

The hat was made from this pattern, and I wish I had done a rolled brim instead... But I guess to match the sweater it had to be ribbed...
Neither of these items are really newborn sized, and I think I'll have to make something else for the shower. Still, they were fun to make (stripes yay!) and I love using up stash yarn!

Check out more FO's at Tamis Amis ^_^


I have one more important thing to note. Today is my son's birthday! He is two years old. Here is a picture of the day he was born:

At 9 pound 11 oz, June 1st 2010
I'm so happy with how far he's come, and how smart he's becoming, and how cute and awesome he is. (Yesterday he came in my room with a stick of celery and said, "Here, mama." and it melted my wee heart.) Here he is today:

I'm so proud of him. He can sing so many songs, he knows all his uppercase alphabet and some of his lowercase, he can put together 24 piece puzzles, he knows animal sounds, and he can identify a whole bunch of birds. He knows all his shapes, can count to ten, and can identify a few numbers by sight. He loves reading with me, and "reads" his favorite books to himself. He's so much cooler now than he was two years ago. Seriously. Cuter, too. ;)
So, anyway, I asked him what he wants for his birthday, and he said he wants cake, candles and to sing Happy Birthday. Can do, little buddy, can do.


  1. I love your sweater so much! It makes me want to hurry up and knit an entire sweater. I love all of your finished objects, I don't know how you can crank out so many! I look at my stash with glazed over eyes hoping one day it will suddenly get smaller. Your son is so cute, I love that you shared that its his birthday, Happy Birthday!

  2. The sweater looks awesome - nice one!

  3. Happy birthday! What ana awesome birthday wish list!

    I think the little sweater is very cute. And really, with little ones, isn't a wide neckline desirable. After all their heads are much larger in proportion to their shoulders than ours, right? And look how cute it looks on the stuffed cow.

    Your Sweater on the Fly looks amazing. I guess you're ready for autumn.

  4. I love your sweater! Very beautiful and looks great on you!
    Happy birthday to your son, he's a cutie :)

  5. Your sweater is awesome - love the colors.

    Happy Birthday to your son! :)

  6. Excellent pullover ... lovely baby knits ... and happy birthday to your beautiful boy!

  7. What fun! in 6 months a brand new sweater to wear!

  8. everything looks lovely! happy birthday to your son, and congrats to you on raising such a smart little kid!

  9. happy birthday to the little man.

    i LOVE your sweater, the neckline turned out great.

  10. How freakin' amazing - your sweater on the fly is FABULOUS


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