Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wip Wednesday

I have a great big list of things I'd rather work on than my Ringwood sweater. BUT since it's WIP Wednesday and i like to torture myself get things done, I worked on it diligently.

I worked on it at home.
I worked on it in the car.
I worked on it at the mall.
I worked on it at home some more.
it didn't grow very much, but it's nearly the size of the first sleeve.
You would think that would be encouraging.
It's not.
1) All the frogging this stupid sweater went through
2) Not the most flattering color in the world
3) I think the body is too big. (wide)
4) I think the body is too big. (long)

But. I must complete this sweater for these few reasons:
1) need the number 7's to complete my mom's xmas present.
2) Isn't the color perfect for a mr. fox stole?
I should have more than enough left over. :)

All that aside, I was so happy to stop working on this cursed boring sweater and get back to work on the Some Cloudy Day legwarmers I started last night.

Happy wip wednesday everyone ;)

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