Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOT fingerless mittens

I'm working on some slippers today.
yes i'm shaping them with maracas. freakin ingenious that's what that is.
The knitting went by super quick, but then the pattern suggested felting by hand. I did try it, but to be perfectly honest it is really difficult to hand-felt something while watching a one year old.
So into the dryer they went.

I wish I'd gotten a picture of what size they were before felting, because they were monstrous. For a long while there I thought they'd never go down to the size of my feet, and that I'd have to gift them to my boyfriend or his sister. Thank goodness, they did shrink enough. Admittedly one shrunk down faster than the other and had to be removed from the dryer first, but they both ended up just about right.
they don't really look this weird. it's hard to take pictures of your own feet from the front.
My mom already wants a pair.

My slippers are not done yet, however.
I still have to attach the ears.
(and eyes, tails and noses, of course)
You can make your own bunny slippers by buying the pdf here.
Also, this song is totally stuck in my head.
Deerhoof's Bunny Song

In other NOT FINGERLESS MITTEN news, I am working on a cowl,
Now I can just hear you asking yourself.
WHAT is with all the Tiny Owl Knit patterns??
There's been
1) Wear the Wild Things Are (which doesn't really count because i flubbed it up so bad)
2) White Rabbit Wristees
3) Baby Lamb Cuffs
4) Catching Butterflies
and now!
5) Hopsalot
6) Bedknobs and Broomsticks

What is with this? I will tell you.
Once upon a time, it was Stephanie Dosen's birthday. (This was in May.) And in the tiny owl knits group on ravelry, she threw a big birthday bash. Basically we hung out on the threads all day and waited for her to pop on and say "go!" Once she did that, the first person to reply to her would win The Motherload!! What is the motherload? All of her patterns! There was more than one winner that day, because she counts "sandwich" winners (people who spoke in between her saying go and the person saying me) but i was the first to reply.
SO yes, I won the motherload, and that is why I own every one of TOK's patterns.
And of course, they're all super cute so of course I'm going to knit them all!
Besides, I'm in the 11 in 2011 frolic, where we try to knit 11 of her patterns. I'm already more than halfway there! (err.... will be once this cowl is done. and the bunnies)
Oh, and if this free pattern stuff sounds interesting to you, join tokland on ravelry, and every friday you have a chance to win one of Stephanie's patterns. Even if you don't win, the people there are really nice and will sometimes gift you the pattern you wanted. Plus it's just good fun.

Oh and in other news, I got a package yesterday! It was my brand new short dpns that I bought to make up for those dreadful ones off ebay. I got these ones from Scottish Fibres and they came in about 6 days. I opened up the package and saw this:
I was super excited about the quality. Then I turned them around and saw this.
squeeeee pandas!!
So that was delightful. Here they are up close.
I got sizes 2 and 4. (2's so i can make toe socks!)

and about that fingerless mitten jag?
Don't think it's over yet!


    all these projects, every day! seriously. im jealous.
    confess your secrets.


  2. Blocking slippers on maracas! A new level of brilliance. :D


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