Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I didn't do yesterday.

Yesterday, I didn't swatch with three different needle sizes.

Yesterday, I didn't cast on 50 stitches for a 8"x 7" swatch with two antler cables in the middle.

Yesterday, I didn't block the big swatch and take the gauge measurements. (It wasn't 4 stitches to the inch)

And I didn't do it with the adorable measuring tape I got from San Francisco
 Yesterday, I didn't plan out a schematic for a new sweater.


Yesterday, I didn't do the math for the sleeves for hours.

Yesterday, I didn't cast on for a sleeve which I then noticed was much too small and instead decided to call it another swatch with only one cable.

And if I did do all that stuff yesterday (which I didn't) then I certainly didn't take a superfulous amount of notes while doing so.

Of course not.

Yesterday, I worked on my top down raglan all day.
Yeah.... that's what I did.
And it looks great, too. You can totally tell I worked on it.

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