Thursday, August 11, 2011

So last night I couldn't sleep again. And after trying to sleep, cleaning the room, organizing my bookshelf, reading a bit of Blade Runner(er.. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), and even writing in my diary, I decided my knitting needed reigning in so I made this list.
1) Beekeeper's quilt
2) Skully Mittens
3) Ringwood Sweater
4)WOTA sweater
5) Fair Isle Sweater
6) Bernat Hardcore Sweater
7) Smitten
8) Mona's Scarf
9) Nany and Judy Shawl
10) Mom's Mara Shawl
11) Huge Ugly Green Blanket (Hug for short)
12) Tomten Jacket
13) Super Stitches Knitting Project
14) Worsted Weight Socks\
15) Fingerless Gloves
16) Red Heart Pony
17) Secret project for Swap Partner

Need Finishing
1) CPH- zipper
2) Owls- Block and buttons
3) Malabrigo Mitts- Buttons

Need Frogging
1)Dr. Watson Sweater
2) Guitar Man Socks
3) Wear the Wild Things Are Sweater

So after I made that list I started thinking about how dreadful it has gotten and how this list is super long and I'm never going to finish all of these things and half of them I am totally sick of working on, or how the yarn is crap and I have good yarn that I should be spending my time with.
So then I made this other list.

1) Cannot cast on anything new until 4 or 5 things are completed
2) Work on things already begun. Easiest to complete are:
         a) Swap Partner gift (80%)
         b) Worsted Boot Sock (50%)
         c) Ringwood Sweater(80%)
         d) Malabrigo mitts(98%)
         e) Skully Mittens (50%)
         f) frog Guitar man Socks
and so on.

Then this morning I woke up totally on top of things.
I washed and blocked OWLS (Yes i took a picture first) as well as some other knits that were in need of a bath.
I promise I'll have a better photo one day...
You'd be surprised the amount of dirt gets in your knitwear during one short camping trip....
I used Eucalen Wool Wash for the first time ever. Usually I just use baby soap, but in San Francisco I picked some up since my wardrobe has had a sudden increase in wools. Also, it smells good. But I only got the little bottle so I'm going to try and make it last.
So anyways I thought that was all well and good.
One thing off the list, right? Blocked Owls!
Now, I thought, If I could just find those buttons I bought for the Malabrigo mitts then I could sew those puppies right on and be done with a second thing!
I looked everywhere. All my hidey holes, and none of them yielded the big black buttons I bought for my mitts!
 Remember how naked they are?
I couldn't possibly wear them like that; it's embarrassing.
Then, after like an hour I realized that I had put the big black buttons back and just bought the pink buttons for Owls. Something about how I'd want to bring the mitts with me to choose the right color or something. Clearly sabatoging my own plans of ever finishing anything ever.

So, I picked up an old old project.
It was a good choice, too. Nancy and Judy.
Vyvyan was asleep and couldn't mess with my stitch count, and I wanted to work on something challenging and in fingering weight. (Will may have enabled me into buying Cookie A's Sock Innovation this week and I'm dying to cast on Angee) So I worked on Nancy and Judy for about an hour. An HOUR, before I realized my stitch count was off from the second I started working on it and somehow one half of the shawl looked great and the other half looked hideous and I didn't know what to do and I sure as hell wasn't going to tink back a few rows and so I frogged the whole thing without so much as taking a picture of the mistake.
So, then I realized hey..... that got rid of another thing!!!
But I didn't really ever mean to rip apart Nancy and Judy and I was really enjoying working with the fingering weight yarn, and so I may have hopped onto ravelry and looked for something else to use the frogged yarn with.....

I should have known I didn't have a chance.
Don't cast on anything new.
Who the hell was I kidding?

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