Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another WIP Wednesday

Last night I found myself restless. The baby was already tucked in, but I couldn't fall asleep. I fiddled around on different blogs I follow for a bit, but found that it didn't satisfy me. So I dug out an old WIP I was saving for today, thinking I'd finish it. It turns out those fingers are more difficult than I thought.
I wish I'd at least added one more so it didn't look like someone flipping the bird...
So I worked the index finger first, and then I picked p for the thumb so that the dumb stitch holder would stop getting in my way. Maybe you noticed that the remaining stitches are being held on by double-pointed needles. I kept those there because I think waste yarn is a pain, and so I ended up working on the index finger with four size 2's, then those other two were hanging on one end, then the stitch marker was hanging down the side. It was pretty uncomfortable and difficult. I should have taken a picture. Maybe next glove I will.
After I finished the thumb and forefinger, I thought I'd pick up the middle finger and work that before I went to bed. I did. And it looked small. And then I tried it on and it was tiny. TINY. So that was kind of a disaster and I went to bed unhappy and by then it was like midnight so I'm counting this on my WIP post.

Then I woke up and ate a grapefruit that had a face on it.

I don't really know why I wanted to show you. I guess because it's creepy and I ate something that had a face.
I thought I'd work on my WOTA sweater today because it's been sitting on my bookshelf untended to for more than a week, but I surprised myself.
I guess I caught a mitten bug
I remember now why I chose to do that smitten pattern so long ago. They're just so cute! Plus, each one only takes about 30 minutes and you get to feel like you completed something each time you sew one up. Especially since you don't have to make them match! The free pattern can be found on knit picks' website here. I don't know why I ever put it away, especially once I realized I could have been adding cute little color patterns all along. At any rate, three was pretty good for one day and now I have 9 mini-mittens total.
I just love looking at them all in a big pile. ^_^ Squee!!
It kind of reminds me of Tiny Owl Knit's beekeeper's quilt because each one is like its own project and they're so squishy and cute. (and because they're taking me all year??)
Speaking of the beekeeper's quilt, I really really want to buy the pattern and use up some leftover sock yarn but:
1) I know I won't want to weave in all those ends
2) I don't want to sew anything together, even if I only do it at four corners
3) I don't think I'd finish
4) I already have the smitten project (and about a million more)
5) My sock yarn isn't pretty enough.
Somehow number five is the most compelling reason. I figure I can wait until I have more sock bits than I know what to do with and then have the prettiest honeycomb blankie ever. :)
P.S. if you didn't already click the link above, I think you should. there is a very cute video of Stephanie Dosen and her quilt. Also, the sounds of her weird neighbor doing construction.

Anyways, that's it for WIP Wednesday today. I figure I can slack off a bit because yesterday I finished a sleeve for my ringwood sweater.

Started the second sleeve as well. :)
So finally I'm getting some progress done for that sweater. Unfortunately I have a sinking feeling that when I finish the sleeves and try on the body that the peices aren't going to go together all that well. Mainly because I had to subtract about 10 stitches from the sleeves to make it so they actually fit my arms. So wouldn't the sleeves be really tight looking and the body be really loose? Wouldn't that look hecka stupid? Am I going to have to frog the body AGAIN and do a smaller cast on? I don't think I would. I think if it comes to that I'll just add some shaping to the waist and try to find a smaller number for the bust. If it comes to that. Which I hope it doesn't. (Really.)

In other news, I may have cast on something new.
It may be a sweater.
The OWLS sweater, to be precise.
Or it might be a really really really big swatch. We'll see.

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