Sunday, August 7, 2011

Almost FInished Object Post

uhm. Please ignore that one owl's eye. He has a disorder and doesn't like you looking at him like that.
blurry picture!
As you can see, I have sewn on six owlie button eyes! That's three complete owls out of uhm.. 17.
We're going camping today and I hope to finish the sewing of the eyes within the next day or two.
Although, I'll only be sewing on the first 20 buttons (10 owls) because I'm waiting for a shipment of more cute pinky buttons at my local craft store.
I'm going to be completely honest here and admit that I loathe sewing entirely and may or may not force my mom to do this tedious task for me. It's not that it's hard or anything. It's just that I have had many sewing related pokey injuries and I do not wish to procure more. Also, it's that I hate sewing. It doesn't even take that long. It's just that I always end up sewing things on crooked and then I have to place them again like six more times, and it's just a big pain.
It really sucks because I like the way buttons look on stuff.
Is there an instant-button-put-er-on-er? Becuase if there is, I would totally utilize that.
Off to camping in

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