Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Owl in a Cowl

I was working merrily along on my Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
I had mastered the microbobble, and learned how best to keep track of my broomstick rows.
The pattern was just barely getting boring, and my yarn ball was diminishing steadily.
The hand-dyed yarn was dying the tips of my cheap bamboo needles pink.
I was ever so pleased to see that it was time to cast off.
I did so with gusto.
Then, excited to have another finished TOK object, I carefully sewed up the edge. Perfectly executed mattress stitch, the seam was invisible.
Then guess what.
I looked at the pattern. Maybe if I had just not looked I wouldn't have had a problem. (Well, that's not true because the damn thing wouldn't have gone over my head anyways, now would it?)
Problem: The pattern says "Do this stitch pattern. Then repeat twice."
Obviously, that means do the stitch pattern THREE times, right?
Not twice?

So after unpicking the seams, and scooping all the stitches onto my needles I had a terrifying half hour where I seriously questioned whether that amount of yarn would do it. If the yarn didn't make it, I would have to dye more yarn. It would be difficult enough to get a close enough color to fool myself, but the real problem would be waiting for it to dry.

It's okay.
I had enough.
Anybody wanting to do this pattern with one skein of Berocco Vintage Chunky, you're fine. Even if you couldn't find your 9's and cast on using 10's.
i love it.

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