Thursday, August 4, 2011

A bit more "swatching"... Progress post

My swatch for the owls sweater was about this big before I finally decided to check the gauge.
I'm not normally that crazy, but while I was swatching for the Wear the Wild Things Are sweater I noticed that 10.5's gave me 13 stitches per inch which was conviniently what I needed for Owls. Of course, that was flat instead of in the round but since it was the same exact yarn I thought I could probably get away with it just this once.

If you look closely you will see that there are 6.5 stitches in 2 inches. YAY! Right on!
So that means that all my modifications I made using the information learned in the Fit Your Knits from craftsy should work out spot on.
I slipped half the stitches on a spare circular and tried to take pictures of myself. Which was interesting. I now have like 32 pictures to delete of just my hand and a bit of stockinette.
But I did manage to find the timer button on my camera and take this fairly decent shot.
It seems to fit perfectly although, when flat, the waist shaping looks way too short.
Apparently I just have a short waist. I've suspected as much.
One of those awkward attempts at photographing myself yielded a decent closeup of the side shaping:

I do have a bit of a problem with the length, because as you can see in the first photo I wear incredibly long shirts and would like my sweaters to be equally long. As the sweater grows I'll see if the fabric can accomadate being moved down a few inches without placing the waist shaping in the completely wrong place.
At any rate, I have about half a skein of Cascade Ecological wool in this sweater so far, and I hope to get a bit more kniting done on it today. This sweater is working up fast and I really hope my modifications work out.
In other knitting news, I still entertain the idea that I will have a handknit sweater by the time I go camping on Saturday. This would be entirely possible if I actually stuck to one project at a time.
After all, I have all these sweaters on the needles:
1) Owls- half of body done
2) Top down WOTA Raglan- a pathetic amount of yoke done
3) Ringwood- body and one sleeve done, second sleeve started
4) Fair Isle sweater- most of body done
5) Bernat Hardcore sweater- sleeves done and part of back
I'm sure that all the knitting combined I would have at least one or two finished sweaters. Oh well. I haven't been working on most of them for the following reasons:

Owls) well this one is new so I've been working on it nonstop
WOTA) because it is so keen and adorable and I want to work on it forever. Somehow that translates in my mind as never work on it because then it will be over and I won't have the adorable to knit anymore. Which is clearly odd thinking.
Ringwood) I've had so many problems with this sweater that I just don't want to look at it anymore. I hate it. Even though I love the yarn, I love the color, and I love the stitch pattern and the idea I had to begin with. I HATE it nonetheless.
Fair Isle) I don't like carrying around all the different colors, even as far as the couch. Also, the last repeat I was doing was using two really ugly colors and I don't want to tink out the rows.
Bernat) Scared of intarsia.

Anyways, I really need to get to work on one of these. I know i'm going to be kicking myself when I'm by the coast and the winds are blowing and all I have for warmth is a storebought hoodie. (I'd bring my central park hoodie but it still doesn't have a zipper and I've found that I really need my chest covered)

Enough words! Back to knitting!

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