Saturday, August 27, 2011

Knitting Term Defined

Knitting Jag (as defined by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in Cast Off)
With a knitting jag, a knitter finds a pattern she thinks is charming and knits it up and in so doing discovers more of its charms. In fact, each knitting of the item is as enchanting as the last. 
As a general rule, knitting jags occur with items that pay off quickly: slippers, mittens, scarves, hats.

Yessir. I'm afraid I've caught a bit of a fingerless glove bug.
This pair came from a single skein of Knit Picks Imagination in the colorway Wicked Witch. (I know you can't really see the color in the pictures and I'm going to blame the camera even though I know it's really because I took these pictures in a terribly lit bathroom.)
The free pattern can be found on Purl Soho's blog here.
(I'm making these next.)

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