Thursday, May 31, 2012

May in Review

May Finished Objects
Links to Rav project pages
1.) Ribbed Hat
2.) Pookie
3.) Sweater on the Fly
4.) Jellyfish Shawl
5.) Baby Raglan
6.) Baby Hat
7.) Washcloth

7 projects completed. I feel like this month was completely wasted in that I didn't finish anything old.
Everything I made was both cast on and cast off this month. That's kind of disappointing.

My proudest accomplishment this month is my sweater on the fly. I was so disappointed when I put it on and the weight of the sleeves made the neckline gape to monstrous proportions, but then I solved the problem by decreasing 25% of the neck stitches and now it is just a raging success.

I still have 3 projects carrying over from last year: The Hexipuffs (I haven't made a hexipuff in 2 months!), The Ski Sweater (I fixed the sewing machine so I might finish this up soon, if we get another cold patch. Which we won't. But I decided I'm going to give it to myself for xmas haha), and my Calcetines Azules (I should really finish those...) You'll notice this hasn't changed since last month. I really suck at that.

Techniques Learned
1) Multi-colored Granny Squares
2) Tunisian Crochet

Last Month's May Goals:
1) Finish Crochet blanket for realz
2) Sock knit: Love Socks
3) Tok knit: gnome home
4) Pookie- make one or two and tuck away for Christmas
5) No online yarn purchases (Maybe we can keep this one for all year, except birthday, yeah?)
Oh my gosh what a disaster! I suck at this!!

Goals for June:
1) Finish Love Socks- these can be an xmas gift for a secret special someone who likes squishy socks
2) Xmas gift ^^^^ see how I plan on killing two birds with one stone?
3) Tok Knit- I really do want to make a gnome home. And it shouldn't be too labor intensive.
5) No online purchases, even though it is my birthday.

As for my IRL yarn purchases?
I didn't buy a single skein.
Not online, not in real life, not on a train, not on a plane. Not in a box, not with a fox. And you know what? Someone who loves me a whole bunch even swung us by a yarn shop (my FAVORITE one) and asked if I wanted to go take a peek. And I resisted the temptation and didn't run in and charge 30 skeins of cotton onto my credit card like I wanted to.

Tomorrow is FO Friday. I need to get a picture of myself in that sweater, but um... it is SO hot outside. It's 106 degrees right now. And tomorrow is going to be 104. So yeah. Prepare for a not so well-lit picture after all.
Oh and what else is tomorrow?
My little boy's birthday. He's turning two.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! Congrats on so many FOs!! I can't wait to see your finished sweater! I love that you have goals for the month, its motivating me to write mine down. Happy Birthday to the little one!


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