Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So remember how during my knitting hiatus I ordered a ton of my photographs in picture format from Walmart?
Excuse how all the pictures are kind of blurry- it's because I was too lazy to take the pates out of the transparent sleeves

I've been scrapbooking. It's actually a lot more fun than I had remembered or expected, and all the little notions available make it even more satisfying. I get most of my little stickers, cut-outs and decals from Big Lots and other discount stores and have saved them up over the last few years. It's so cool to finally be using them!

I've already filled my scrapbook, and can't wait to buy more sheet protectors so I can do some more. My layouts and designs aren't the most creative, but I'm pleased with how it looks and the pictures bring back memories of happy times.

Now I just wish I had a camera! I had a cheap little one from my birthday last year, but it recently suffered a nasty fall. It seems a pity that so many of my pictures are of bad quality- either from the cheap camera or my computer's webcam- especially since so many of them are things that will only happen once: Vyvyan's first steps, first Halloween, and first vacation....

I hope that it is something that Vyvyan appreciates some day. My mom had multiple children and never really documented my childhood; I kind of wish she had. (My baby book, for instance, has my birth date, time, and weight. And then it's blank from there on out.)

I definitely can't wait to take more pictures, plan more layouts, and create some more memories!!

"Business in the front, party in the back"
In memory of Vyvyan's natural mullet, which finally entered upon an eternal Sabbath of rest on February 19, 2012
A very fun past-time, scrap-booking does have a few cons. (Especially for a busy mom)
  1. It takes up a lot of space. While thinking about layouts and trying to get ideas, I find myself spreading everything out around me. Without an adequate table top I have to stack things on top of each other and then lose photos I was thinking of using. (Not forever lost, just lost enough so that by the time I get back to that perfect photo I realize I already put another one in it's place)
  2. All the stickers and decals are irresistible for children, so it isn't an ideal craft until naptime. (p.s: Sharp objects are equally alluring.)
  3. The clean up. 'nuff said.
But the pros are well worth it. Also, sometimes when Vyvyan is throwing a fit, I take out the scrapbook and show him pictures of him and his daddy or him and his cousin playing and it reminds him of fun things and we start reminiscing. ("Train.... with dada!!") Stopping my kid from crying makes it doubly worth it. No, triply. (He is one loud kid.)

So now I'm sending in for even more pictures soon- they're only 9 cents a print and I love being able to have them in my hands. My brother just came in my room right now to tell me that his computer is dead- it no longer boots up at all: This is exactly why I need to get all my digital pictures into prints so I never have to think about all the pictures I lost!!

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