Monday, May 7, 2012

Still searching...

I tried to convince myself that Tunisian crochet was my new hobby of choice. I told myself "it's not technically knitting and it's not technically crochet!!" and I said "after I do a nice little square I can learn to cross stitch on the fabric and that's not cheating at all."
Then I tried to prove my point by showing the Tunisian crochet hook to my SIL, a muggle. Her response? "Ceci, that's knitting AND crochet."


On the brighter side, I have uploaded 172 pictures of my happy little family to be printed up into real life physical photographs. The cost was about $25 and the packet is due to arrive at my doorstep in around 5 days. I can't wait ^_^

As for my wrist, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it feels a lot better. That's actually the bad news too, because the only reason it should feel better is because I haven't been knitting.

Oh! And thank you to Michelle from CollegeKnitting for the baking suggestion. I have always envied bloggers (and people in general) with kitchen skills. I want to try this earl grey chocolate cake or maybe this zebra bunt cake some time soon, but all of my previous baking escapades have ended pretty badly! I also don't think we have a cute pan like that. Maybe some cranberry shortbread bars instead. YUM! Please keep the suggestions coming, readers!


  1. OMG I've never seen a Zebra Bunt Cake before! And I'm giving my mom this really cool bunt cake pan in the shape of a flower for mother's day...maybe I'll have to 'borrow' it while I'm home for the summer.

  2. Yum ... earl grey chocolate cake sounds like a "must bake!" and I would definitely be up for a slice of zebra bundt cake, too. Keep resting your wrist ... you'll be back to knitting in no time. ; )

  3. Oooohhhh - I've had Earl Grey chocolate and I loved it. I bet this Earl Grey chocolate cake would be fabulous!


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