Saturday, May 26, 2012

A little crazy.

So yesterday I worked on my sweater for a while. I finished the first sleeve, then decided that the two needles holding stitches at the bottom were annoying both when I knitted AND when I tried the thing on. So I worked downwards from the body, adding another half of a chart repeat, and then 15 rows of ribbing to match the sleeve. I worked at it pretty late, and didn't even try it on to see how the length looked. I just stuffed it back in the bag and went to bed.

Sorry. Terrible quality. It's late so the lighting is all yellow/bizarre.
Also, heck yes those are my mario jammies.
Then today?
I didn't want to try it on.
I didn't want to knit the second sleeve.
I didn't want to knit the neckband.
I just didn't like it anymore: it was too chunky, too acrylicy and too ugly.

So I cast on something new instead.

Ahhhh... stripes.

I think, actually what it was that made me start something new was the knowledge that I have so much time on my hands- so little to do- that I was about to knit a cabled sweater without a pattern in 4 days. That's scary. (Also whenever I looked at the sweater I heard the Futurama theme song, which says a lot about what I do while Vyvyan naps.)

At any rate. You can't tell what the new project is in that picture, but it's totally going to be cute. It's a basic little EPS raglan for a friend's baby- due in September. I just cast on a likely number and it looks like it should be a nice size. I'm working on the first sleeve right now. I might add a cute little applique on the front. Maybe a rocket? Or a dinosaur? Or a robot? I don't know yet.

Oh and the yarn is (I'm pretty sure- no ball bands but it feels likely) Wool Ease from the stash. Actually, they're from two entirely different stash houses which made it feel like a happy accident that I found coordinating blues ^_^
(Yes I have multiple "stash houses". And apartments. And condos.)

So anyways tonight after I put the new blue sweater away, I decided to do this blog post and needed some pictures of my progress.
And I tried on my chunky sweater.
And I love it again.
And I like the color.
And I don't think it's ugly.
And it seems like the perfect thing to wear tonight. Which makes me kind of mad because, if I hadn't have cast on that dumb baby sweater, I could be wearing it right now.

P.S. I like the new length a lot. I think it will be a frequently worn item.


  1. I vote for a dinosaur!!!! But then, I could be biased....

  2. Love your Mario jammies! Also, you are a knitting beast, and you should be worshiped for your ability to nearly complete a cabled sweater without a pattern in 4 days.


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