Sunday, May 27, 2012

Neckline trouble.

Tonight my sweater looks like this:

In the middle of frogging neckline attempt number 1.

See how grumpy my face is?

Turns out I was wrong about the neckline being the correct width.

So I decided to do some math magic to re-evaluate, since I thought I was making a nice boat-neck sweater and it turns out I was wrong. I forgot, see, that in the very beginning I did the back-neck shaping as for a crew neck. Which, since it's been there from the very beginning you would think I'd have noticed before now. Apparently I am blind.

Actually, I think it's the weight of the sleeves that changed everything because the neckline was looking perfect all along. (Curse you, gravity!)

At any rate, it should be done tomorrow.
I'm so excited to have a machine wash/dry sweater! I can't wait to throw it in the wash and have it come out all cuddly soft. ^_^
Then I'll try to get some pictures out in the real light.


  1. I'm constantly amazed at your skills. You're a knitting machine - can't wait to see your awesome creation in the daylight :)

  2. I'm amazed at your skills, I'm so afraid to knit a full sweater!

    1. Don't be afraid! Use chunky yarn and follow an easy pattern. That's how I did my first sweater and it wasn't half bad!(I was terrible at seaming, though, so I'd advise doing one that's written in the round.)

  3. Wow - I am amazed at how fast you can knit a sweater!! I'm gone for a few days and you have nearly an entire sweater knocked out :-D It looks great and really cozy!

  4. Awh, it's too bad. I hope you can find a good neckline because the sweater is nice!


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