Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweater on the Fly Update

So yesterday I worked on the new sweater quite a bit, and just about finished the body. I'm really not entirely sure how much yarn I have, but I think it will be enough. I had five full skeins, one partial skein, and then two large knitted items to frog. (The yarn and derelict project were both passed on to me by a deceased knitting relation of a friend.) I did feel kind of bad about frogging what was certainly hours of work, but I had no way to know what it was going to be or how to complete it and I think when I die and leave projects behind I'd rather see the yarn used.
It probably, all said, ended up being about 8 skeins of yarn. Which, since I'm doubling it, is about 800 yards and the yarn requirement chart I have says that for a 30-36" sweater I'll need 600-700 yards. There are the cables to think about, however...
There was this piece and then about half of another identical piece.

I really think (hope) I have enough... Just to be on the safe side, however, I stopped the body charts after 3 repeats and will add the ribbing after the sleeves are done. If I still have plenty of yarn left over by then, I might add another half of a repeat, just for fun.

Oh and I added some waist shaping, just 2 decrease rows, and I regret doing it. Not enough to take it apart, though.

The sleeves are about 35 stitches at the underarm, and I will be tapering them down and ending with 1x1 ribbing. I really hope that I end up with enough yarn to add some length to the body because right now (minus the ribbing, but still) it looks sort of silly.

Today I am hoping I can finish the first sleeve so I can gauge how much yarn is needed. Then I want to do the neckline because the cable twist at the top irritates me every time I try it on and I would have a better idea of how it will look if I could stop focusing on that. I still have one full ball of unused yarn and an indeterminable amount of frogged yarn.

Somehow the sleeves seem like they will take longer than the body. Mostly because I hate magic loop, also because of the weight of the entire sweater dragging along every time I do a round, and finally because the body had a fun and interesting cable and the sleeves are just wretchedly boring stockinette. So that's where I'm at with this. I can't wait to bind off the bottom; the two needles down there holding stitches are driving me nuts. I'm not sure how much I like this top-down knitting style...


  1. I'm responding to the comment that you left on my blog. I cut out Joann's and Michaels only to replace it with online yarn! haha, but I am happy with it once I buy it and I stay happy with it. I have so much yarn that I feel like is weighing me down, I bought it when I was on a budget and I am not inspired to knit it at all! I recommend cutting out chain store yarn and buying some online ;]

    By the way I am scared to death to knit a sweater! I wish I had your courage... I haven't even knitted socks yet, sigh :/

  2. This sweater looks great so far! You should definitely write out the pattern for it, and the other orange one you made.


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